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Key Data Dashboard offers an ensemble of business intelligence (BI) tools that tell the story of your company’s key metrics visually, with easy-to-grasp dashboards of the 30-plus KPIs that drive your business. Seamless PMS integrations provide a trusted, confidential and anonymous data exchange with competitors in your local and regional markets.

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InsuraGuest Technologies is an insurtech (insurance + technology) company that’s disrupting the insurance landscape by utilizing its proprietary software platform to deliver digital insurance to multiple sectors. We’re transforming the way insurance is delivered with the revolutionary idea that insurance should be bought, not sold.
Safely believes in protecting the world’s vacation rentals. That’s why they've developed Safely short-term rental insurance and guest screening services that are specifically designed to improve modern property management. By increasing trust and safety in the vacation rental industry, Safely has made security simple.
Automate your entire back-office operations with EZCare, including cleaning, maintenance, inspections, custom forms, and more. EZcare's powerful software helps automate repetitive processes, monitor staff locations, track progress, and oversee the entire vacation rental cleaning and maintenance cycle.
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