Inside Integrations: Key Data Dashboard Vacation Rentals

Mar 25 2024

Get tips on how to use Hostfully to optimize your vacation rental business and make more profit.


What’s in this article?

See what the Hostfully and Key Data Dashboard integration can do
Explore Hostfully and Key Data Dashboard’s powerful integration. Source

Inside Integrations is Hostfully’s ongoing series, featuring a range of tools to help property managers build a custom tech stack to boost their businesses.

Analytics tools like Key Data Dashboard have revolutionized the way vacation rental properties are managed, marketed, and priced. In this ongoing series, Inside Integrations, we will explore the role of Key Data Dashboard in vacation rentals, the impact it has had on the industry, the technology behind it, and its future prospects.

About Key Data Dashboard

Data truly is king. It is what drives decision-making, helps identify trends, and ultimately leads to success. However, with the ever-increasing amounts of data being generated, it can become overwhelming for businesses to keep track of and make sense of it all. Enter Key Data Dashboard.

Key Data Dashboard (KDD) is a robust tool used for compiling and analyzing data to measure performance, competition, trends, and benchmarking for vacation rental managers. It sources data from various places, including bookings, guest reviews, and financials, then processes it and presents it clearly and concisely. This holistic view saves vacation rental businesses time and enables them to make efficient data-driven decisions.

Established in 2018, Key Data Dashboard is, “committed to being the most trusted global solution of short-term rental market data, unlocking expert insights for every property manager, destination marketing organization, hotelier, and tourism business.” (Source)

As such, Key Data Dashboard integrates with dozens of software partners, ensuring its analytics pull from reputable primary source platforms across real-time market trends, seamlessly tracking 45+ KPIs. Adaptability empowers owners of vacation rental properties to respond to market shifts effectively and maximize their earnings based on valuable data sets.

Top 3 Key Data Dashboard features

Key Data Dashboard offers a range of features that make it a comprehensive solution for vacation rental management. Here we’ll explore some of them.

1. Snapshot 

Key Data Dashboard’s “‘snapshot” dashboard is the most utilized tool within the entire ProData product offerings. It provides a snapshot view of overall company performance and pacing during the current year vs. the previous year on a monthly or weekly view. As such, it provides immediate and easy visibility into how your organization is performing on Occupancy, ADR, RevPar, and Revenue.

Key Data Dashboard's snapshot page
KDD’s Market Snapshot feature gives an excellent look at PMs’ business performance.

2. Benchmark

Key Data aggregates historical performance data and pacing details in one place, allowing you to make informed decisions and improve your company’s performance. By obtaining competitive analysis data, you can compare your KPIs to the competition. Plus, property managers can give their organizations deeper insights into lodging supplies in their local markets with real-time, flexible supply data from Airbnb and Vrbo.

Use insights to see how your vacation rental is performing

See how your vacation rental compares to the competition
Gain insights into your KPIs with Benchmark (and compare the competition!)

3. Homeowner Reporting 

It’s easy to keep homeowners informed with Key Data’s Owner Reports. You can generate and automate tailored reports that showcase key KPIs and share them to streamline communication and surpass expectations.

Generate custom owner reports
Give homeowners a peek in with Homeowners Reports

Benefits of KDD for vacation rental businesses

By utilizing Key Data Dashboard, vacation rental professionals can access the key metrics they need to make data-driven decisions for their organization. From strengthening communications with stakeholders to confidently adapting to changing market trends, Key Data’s insights provide industry leaders with the actionable insights they need to achieve their goals.

Visibility and invaluable insights 

Key Data Dashboard provides immediate visibility into overall company performance by comparing metrics like Occupancy, ADR, RevPar, and Revenue between current and previous periods. This feature enables property managers to make timely adjustments and strategic decisions based on insights into their organization’s pacing.

Advanced competitor analysis

By aggregating historical performance data and pacing details, KDD empowers property managers to make informed decisions and conduct competitive analysis by comparing their KPIs with competitors and other PMCs. Additionally, it offers deeper insights into the lodging supply in the market through real-time data from platforms like Airbnb and Vrbo.

Satisfied owners

By streamlining communication and managing homeowner expectations effectively with tailored reports showcasing key KPIs, property managers can save time and enhance homeowner satisfaction while maintaining transparency in property management operations.

Our integration: Key Data Dashboard and Hostfully

As a property management system, Hostfully has collaborated with Key Data Dashboard to present a seamless integration that enhances the value proposition for property managers.

Streamlined property management

The integration of Key Data Dashboard with Hostfully creates a unified ecosystem for property managers. From managing property listings and bookings to monitoring performance metrics, property managers can efficiently oversee all aspects of their operations within Hostfully’s platform. This consolidation simplifies workflows, eliminating the need to juggle between multiple tools and platforms.

Real-time data sync

Changes made to property details or performance metrics in either Key Data Dashboard or Hostfully are instantly synchronized across both platforms. This real-time data synchronization ensures consistency and accuracy in property information, reducing the risk of discrepancies and errors.

Improved guest satisfaction 

By harnessing the combined capabilities of Key Data Dashboard and Hostfully, property managers can enhance the guest experience. Accurate performance insights and competitive pricing strategies contribute to positive guest satisfaction, fostering loyalty and encouraging repeat bookings.


The integration between Hostfully and Key Data Dashboard provides a scalable solution for property managers looking to expand their operations. As the portfolio of properties grows, the unified tech stack remains cohesive and adaptable, facilitating seamless scalability without encountering technological barriers.


In conclusion, the integration between Key Data Dashboard and Hostfully presents property managers with a comprehensive solution that streamlines property management operations and enhances overall performance.

With features like Snapshot, property managers gain immediate visibility into company performance metrics such as Occupancy, ADR, RevPar, and Revenue, facilitating quick decision-making. Benchmarking allows property managers to aggregate historical performance data, conduct competitive analysis, and gain deeper insights into local market dynamics. Additionally, Homeowner Reporting enables seamless communication with homeowners by generating tailored reports showcasing key KPIs, thus surpassing expectations and fostering transparent communication.

Together, these features empower property managers to make informed decisions, improve guest satisfaction, and drive business growth effectively.