Inside Integrations: Pricelabs Vacation Rentals

Mar 25 2024

Get tips on how to use Hostfully to optimize your vacation rental business and make more profit.


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Learn how Hostfully integrates with PriceLabs to help managers increase revenue in our free webinar. Source

Inside Integrations is Hostfully’s ongoing series, featuring a range of tools to help property managers build a custom tech stack to boost their businesses.

Dynamic pricing technology tools like Pricelabs have revolutionized the way vacation rental properties are managed, marketed, and priced. In this ongoing series, Inside Integrations, we will explore the role of Pricelabs in vacation rentals, the impact it has had on the industry, and the technology behind it.

About Pricelabs

At the core of Pricelabs’ offering is the concept of dynamic pricing and revenue management.

As a Pricelabs representative partner informs us, “PriceLabs is a leader in revenue management for the hospitality industry. Its hyper-local data-driven approach, automation rules, and customizations help accommodation owners and managers maximize revenues.”

Traditionally, vacation rental owners faced challenges in determining the best rental rates for their properties. Pricelabs solves this problem by using advanced algorithms and market data to optimize pricing in real time. This dynamic pricing tool ensures that vacation rental managers can maximize their revenue by adjusting prices based on demand, seasonality, events, and other factors.

Our PriceLabs partner provides more background: “Founded in 2014, PriceLabs today prices over 320,000 listings in 124+ countries and regions globally. It provides dynamic pricing, market data, automation rules, and extensive customizations to manage prices and minimum-stay restrictions for any listing portfolio size. PriceLabs’ award-winning solution is flexible enough to suit the needs of any user, from the casual host to the advanced revenue manager.”

Such optimization relies on PriceLabs’ data analytics to tap into performance indicators and real-time market dashboards. In the case of short-term rentals, this means that the rental rates for a property can change from day to day or even hour to hour. This flexibility allows vacation rental property owners to adapt to changes in the market and optimize their revenue.

Top 3 unique Pricelabs features

Pricelabs offers a range of features that make it a comprehensive solution for vacation rental management. Here we’ll explore some of them.

1. Hyper Local Pulse

Property managers utilizing Pricelabs revenue management tool gain a competitive edge in a saturated market. The platform incorporates a feature called Hyper Local Pulse (HLP), a new dynamic pricing algorithm, which generates more relevant and precise price recommendations.

The improved algorithm benefits from hyper-local relevance, enhanced events, and holiday pricing. It boosts the revenue potential of vacation rentals by aligning more precisely with the local market dynamics. It also reduces the need for frequent manual interventions. Furthermore, there are additional innovative features like Market-driven, Last-minute, and Far-out discounts and premiums available to users while using HLP.

Information on hyper local pulse
PriceLabs’ Hyper Local Pulse Algorithm provides updated data to keep your listings up-to-date. Learn more

2. Base Price Help

Base Price is a crucial aspect of revenue management, as it sets the foundation for a listing’s price, significantly impacting occupancy and revenue. PriceLabs’ Base Price Help is a smart tool that recommends a Base Price for each listing based on market data, providing a solid starting point.

This tool ensures tailored recommendations by analyzing nearby listings and considering factors like the number of bedrooms, listing performance, occupancy, and past base prices.

See how base price help is setup
Ground your listing with PriceLab’s Base Price Help tool. Learn more

3. Minimum Stay Recommendations Engine

PriceLabs’ industry-first offering, Minimum Stay Recommendation Engine, provides customized minimum stay suggestions for a listing. It bases suggestions on current market trends and tailors them to each property. This tool assists hosts and property managers in choosing the most optimized stay restrictions for their properties.

See how suggested min-stay settings are used
Minimum Stay Recommendations Engine is another way PriceLabs delivers customized, evolving solutions for managers. Learn more

Benefits of Pricelabs for vacation rental businesses

Given these features, it’s no surprise that PriceLabs continues to be a favored integration for property management teams. However, the true significance lies in the tangible value that PriceLabs brings. Let’s delve into how these features seamlessly translate into concrete business benefits.

Real-time adaptability

Pricelabs excels in real-time dynamic pricing, allowing property managers to adjust rental rates promptly based on market trends. This adaptability ensures that pricing strategies remain current and responsive to changing demand and supply dynamics.

Efficiency through automation

The platform streamlines pricing decisions with automated algorithms (up to 40 metric options), reducing manual effort for property managers. This automation not only increases operational efficiency but also ensures accurate and timely adjustments to maximize revenue.

Enhanced market competitiveness

Property managers utilizing Pricelabs gain a competitive edge in the saturated vacation rental market with fine-tuned precision. The platform’s features and capabilities ensure that rental properties remain competitive on a hyper-local level.

Occupancy maximization

The data-driven approach helps vacation rental managers identify periods of high demand and low demand. This enables them to adjust pricing to attract more bookings during low-demand periods and optimize occupancy rates throughout the year so that whether bookings are in hot demand or slowing down, occupancy remains as high as possible.

Seamless channel manager communication

Pricelabs often utilizes Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to integrate with popular channel managers. API integration allows seamless communication between Pricelabs and a property manager’s channel manager or PMS, enabling real-time communication.

The integration is typically two-way, meaning that Pricelabs sends pricing recommendations to the channel manager, and the channel manager updates the rates and availability on various booking platforms. This ensures consistency and accuracy across all channels.

Our integration: Pricelabs and Hostfully

As a leading property management platform, Hostfully has partnered with PriceLabs, offering a seamless integration and enhancing the value proposition for property managers. Let’s explore this further.

Easy, unified property management

The integration of Pricelabs with Hostfully establishes a unified environment for property managers. From property listings and bookings to dynamic pricing adjustments, property managers can efficiently handle everything within Hostfully’s channel manager system. This consolidation simplifies workflows, eliminating the need for managers to switch between different tools and platforms.

Real-time synchronization

Any changes made regarding property details or pricing adjustments in Hostfully’s or Pricelabs’ platform are instantly reflected in the other. This real-time synchronization eradicates potential discrepancies, ensuring consistent and accurate property information across both platforms.

Enhanced guest experience

By leveraging the combined capabilities of Hostfully and Pricelabs, property managers can elevate the overall guest experience. Accurate and competitive pricing, along with seamless booking processes, contributes to positive guest satisfaction, which can lead to loyal repeat customers.

Scalability and growth

For property managers aiming to scale their operations, the Hostfully-Pricelabs integration offers a scalable solution. As the number of properties in a portfolio grows, the unified tech stack remains cohesive and adaptable. This scalability is crucial for property managers seeking to expand their businesses without encountering technological roadblocks.


In conclusion, Pricelabs plays a crucial role in the vacation rental industry by offering a dynamic pricing solution that helps property owners maximize their revenue. With its advanced algorithms, customizable pricing offerings, and detailed analytics, Pricelabs empowers owners to stay competitive in the market and make data-driven decisions to boost their business. Whether it’s adjusting prices based on demand or monitoring performance, Pricelabs provides the tools and insights needed for successful vacation rental management.

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