Inside Integrations: StayFi for Vacation Rentals

Jun 07 2024

Get tips on how to use Hostfully to optimize your vacation rental business and make more profit.


What’s in this article?

Inside Integrations is Hostfully’s ongoing series, featuring a range of tools to help property managers build a custom tech stack to boost their businesses.

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StayFi’s WiFi solution at a glance.

Founded in 2018, StayFi came onto the vacation rental scene to help solve a lack of guest data within the industry. Since then, the software has evolved as a leader in integrated WiFi marketing. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at StayFi, covering its top features and benefits for vacation rental managers, and touching upon the the software’s integration with Hostfully.

About StayFi

StayFi offers short-term rental companies a seamless solution to enhance the guest experience and boost revenue. By utilizing customized WiFi splash pages, managers can gather valuable data from each guest (not only the booker!) while showcasing their company’s brand. These pages not only provide essential information to guests but also present upsell opportunities, which can ultimately lead to a better guest experience and revenue generation.

Stayfi showing you how to create a custom wifi splash page
Building a custom StayFi splash page is easy.

In addition to WiFi splash pages, StayFi provides a comprehensive suite of email and text marketing tools designed to generate significant incremental revenue. These tools not only increase repeat direct bookings but also include WiFi monitoring features to help users enhance the guest experience and safeguard their vacation rental properties.

How to set up Stayfi
They connect to your network; you connect to theirs.

Top 3 StayFi features

WiFi marketing with upsell storefronts

One of the standout features of StayFi is its WiFi marketing tools. “The journey begins with branded splash pages that capture the information of every guest staying at the property, not just the booker,” our StayFi rep explains. These customized login pages are designed to engage guests and promote a property’s unique offerings.

“While that information is logged into the StayFi CRM, guests are brought to a landing page that includes links to upsell storefronts and essential guest information.” Further, “Commissionable storefronts are offered for free via The Host Co. and Viator to offer local amenities and experiences while other links provide easy access to essential resources like your guidebook or direct booking site.” Through these splash pages, short-term rental managers can upsell various services and amenities, such as late check-outs, spa treatments, or local activities, directly to their guests.

Upsell to guests using Stayfi's marketplace
Add-ons for the win (for you and your guests).

Moreover, StayFi allows hosts to collect valuable guest data, including email addresses and contact information. This data can be utilized for targeted email marketing campaigns, enabling managers to reach out to past guests with special offers and promotional messages, thus increasing their chances of achieving repeat bookings.

Stayfi's email marketing
StayFi’s email marketing tools at your fingertips!

Guest marketing tools

StayFi offers vacation rental-focused email and SMS marketing tools equipped with automation capabilities, seamless integration with Hostfully and other property management systems (PMS), and an extensive library of ready-to-use templates.

In addition to these features, StayFi provides rate and review screening services through automated SMS messaging campaigns. This ensures that review quality and volume remain high, allowing property owners and managers to maintain a positive online reputation and attract more guests.

WiFi management

StayFi simplifies WiFi management for vacation rental managers, allowing them to gain better control over a property’s internet connectivity. With StayFi’s intuitive dashboard, managers can monitor and manage multiple properties’ WiFi networks from a single place.

Additionally, dynamic over-occupancy alerts are available to notify managers when there are too many guests in a property, helping to ensure the safety of guests and maintain compliance with occupancy regulations. Moreover, StayFi provides remote uptime monitoring and downage alerts to guarantee a consistent and reliable internet connection, thereby enhancing guest satisfaction and helping to deliver 5-star guest experiences.

See how managers can see who's using the wifi through Stayfi
Managers can keep a reliable (and easy!) eye on their guests and WiFi connections.

Benefits of StayFi for vacation rental managers

Implementing StayFi in any vacation rental business comes with a plethora of benefits. Let’s take a look at some of them.

WiFi monetization

First, StayFi enables short-term rental managers to monetize their WiFi services by upselling additional amenities and services to their guests. This additional revenue stream can significantly boost a vacation rental company’s bottom line.

Email marketing and text marketing

StayFi’s marketing tools allow users to build a database of loyal guests. Vacation rental managers can then nurture long-term relationships and drive repeat bookings. By understanding guests’ preferences and interests, StayFi marketers can tailor their marketing efforts and create more targeted messaging and campaigns that resonate with their audience.

Streamlined WiFi management

Complex network setups? Connectivity issues? A thing of the past with StayFi’s vacation rental WiFi management features. Such management tools help vacation rental hosts simplify the process of managing multiple properties and ensure a seamless internet experience for guests.

Data-driven insights

StayFi’s real-time analytics provide valuable insights into guest behavior and preferences. By analyzing data such as peak usage times, most visited websites, and device preferences, vacation rental managers can make informed decisions, and tailor their offerings to enhance their guests’ overall stay and better improve the guest experience.

Branding opportunities

Finally, StayFi’s customizable splash pages and login portals provide a unique branding opportunity for vacation rental businesses, with options that include showcasing logos, promoting special offers, and engaging with guests before they even step foot on a property. This personalized touch not only enhances the guest experience but also helps in building brand recognition and loyalty among a company’s clientele.

Our integration: StayFi and Hostfully

Explore the Hostfully x Stayfi webinar and integration page
Learn more about Hostfully’s integration with StayFi

Integration with Hostfully is effortless with StayFi, allowing users to sync their properties seamlessly. StayFi automatically imports valid guest emails from Hostfully into its email marketing tool, streamlining marketing efforts. The seamless integration allows managers to automate the provisioning of WiFi access codes, eliminating the need for manual code distribution.

Moreover, the StayFi and Hostfully integration provides valuable data insights that can help managers enhance the guest experience. By analyzing WiFi usage patterns and guest behavior, hosts can gain a deeper understanding of their guests’ preferences and tailor their services. This data-driven approach can lead to increased guest satisfaction and positive reviews, ultimately boosting a property’s reputation and occupancy rates.

Additionally, the collaboration between StayFi and Hostfully opens up opportunities for targeted marketing and personalized guest communications. With access to guest data collected through the WiFi system, managers can create customized offers, promotions, and recommendations based on individual guest profiles. This level of personalization can significantly improve guest engagement and loyalty, encouraging repeat bookings and referrals to friends and family.

StayFi pricing and discounts

Hostfully customers may be excited to learn that by connecting your Hostfully to StayFi, Email Marketing is free for up to 200 contacts, with exclusive discounts for longer lists. Otherwise, pricing for StayFi starts at $15 per month for WiFi Marketing, with volume discounts available.


With its innovative WiFi marketing tools, guest engagement features, and simplified WiFi automation and management, StayFi empowers managers to take their vacation rental businesses to the next level. By implementing StayFi, you can monetize your guest WiFi services, build a loyal customer base, and provide a seamless internet experience for your guests.