Top 10 Airbnb Bonus Amenities for 2024 (FREE Downloadable checklist)

Jan 05 2023
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What’s in this article?

Having the right extra amenities can turn your Airbnb listing from average to ah-mayyy-zing! From Pack ‘n Plays to bicycles and Netflix subscriptions, going the extra mile for guests makes a huge difference and an incredible vacation. We’ve curated 10 sought-after Airbnb bonus amenities that can be added to any vacation rental unit, and will certainly make for a more comfortable, convenient, and enjoyable stay.

1. Crib / Pak n’ Play

New parents often want to travel and expose their little kids to the world, and many are turning to short-term rentals instead of hotels. You may at one point end up with a booking where the baby isn’t quite yet ready for a bed. It shows a lot on your part if you prepare a place that can accommodate their little traveler. A crib is a great option, but if there isn’t enough space for one, a Pack ‘n Play is the perfect alternative, as it is easy to stow away and pull out when needed. Families with young children will love not needing to bring their own, and this will give you bonus points as an Airbnb host!

2. Bicycles

Many towns and cities offer bike and scooter shares, but some places are not really receptive to this idea. It will be more convenient for your guest if you are able to supply a rental bicycle in your listing at a small cost. Be sure to supply helmets! Aside from the important safety factor; the fine in some places for riding without a helmet can be up to $250. Scooter shares also don’t offer helmets so this is a very thoughtful touch.

3. Gear to enjoy the outdoors

Hosts will need to change the amenities offered based on their Airbnb location. If there is a beach nearby, you can supply several items to make guests’ beach day a total blast. Popular items are boogie boards, surfboards, umbrellas, blankets, beach balls, and games like cornhole. If snowy mountains surround the rental, perhaps sledding tubes, skis, snowboards, and a thermos make more sense. Airbnbs local to theme parks may want to keep amenities like a cooler, sunscreen, and umbrellas on hand. If you’re near a lake, add some kayaking equipment. Simply cater to the getaway style the bookers may be looking for.

4. Technology

Guests love Airbnbs that offer a great time without even having to leave home. Netflix or Hulu subscriptions, Spotify playlists, video game systems and fun family games will help guests have a wonderful time, especially on those rainy days. If you choose this route, it is important to ensure these are appropriate for families and children of all ages.

5. Refrigerator starter kit

Guests will likely want to eat at home as much as possible. After all, eating out three times a day over an extended period of time quickly dries up a vacation budget. To help out guests as they go grocery shopping for their stay, stock the kitchen with a refrigerator starter kit that includes must-have items such as mustard, ketchup, salt, pepper, limes, hot sauce, and snacks. Of course, you can always purchase these items in bulk and then restock, as a restaurant does.

6. Work-away space

Today, many people work remotely and are online the majority of their day. As a result, more families can travel and work while away. Therefore, you will want to make sure that they have a good wifi set up and a comfortable workspace with sticky notes, pens, pencils, even a little notebook. An ergonomic desk and chair will get you bonus points. You can try to arrange a little corner in the living room, so it feels more open and easy-on-the-eyes than a small bedroom. These little touches are key to becoming an Airbnb superhost.

7. Pet kit

Not all hosts allow pets, but guests will surely appreciate a pet package if pets are allowed. You could include an adjustable leash, litter box materials, a pet bed, and even some pet toys and snacks. To help keep the yard tidy, add a little bag dispenser to the leash to encourage waste pick up. Make sure to have some rules set up that makes both you and your guest comfortable.

8. Google Home or Amazon Echo

Homes are becoming smarter and smarter with time. Creating a home that has smart home features like smart lights and a thermostat will make guests’ stay more convenient and comfortable. Including an Amazon Echo in the kitchen will also help guests enjoy music, follow recipes and even set timers as they cook. As an extra special feature, add a quick start guide in front of the Echo to help your guest use it if they do not know how.

9. Brilliant bedsides

As a guest, there’s nothing worse than struggling to find a place to change a phone at the end of a day. To solve this frustration, add end tables on each side of the bed that include USB outlets. Guests will appreciate this extra convenience. To make this bedside space even more usable, include his/hers reading lights on each side. This way, guests can comfortably stay up a little later, reading or working and not wake their partner.

10. Airport pickup

Not quite an amenity but definitely in demand, especially if guests are arriving at ungodly hours. Solo female travelers will appreciate this too. Don’t forget to mention that you have a car seat available should it be needed. Most Uber’s do not have car seats, so again, you’ll be getting bonus points!

We hope that you’ll be able to add these bonus amenities to your short-term rental and get some extra hosting brownie points. Let us know if we missed any amenities. Happy hosting!