The Hostfully customer perk that automates cleaning operations

Activate your complimentary Turno account today

The Hostfully customer perk that automates cleaning operations

Activate your complimentary Turno account today

With Turno, Hostfully customers can automate cleaning and maintenance operations, easily find vetted, experienced, local cleaners, and ensure consistent cleaning standards.

Turno is included with any Hostfully subscription.

At a glance:

Automate cleaner scheduling

Find vetted, experienced, local cleaners

Ensure quality control remotely
Streamline contractor payments
Track maintenance issues

How it works

To get started, Hostfully customers log into their accounts, navigate to the ‘Turnover management’ tab, toggle the integration, and activate their complimentary Turno account by following the instructions on page.

Once Turno and Hostfully are synced, Hostfully will gather reservation data from listing sites, OTAs, and direct bookings. Reservation data will then be sent in real-time to Turno, which will automate cleaning operations, facilitate quality control, and send you competitive turnover bids so you can hire qualified local cleaners.

Cleaning automation in Turno

Turno can be set up to auto schedule cleaning tasks based on real-time reservation data. Receive notifications when cleaning is done (with photo checklists for quality control), create custom rules for contractor payments, and quickly retrieve any invoice. Cleaners can also be empowered to perform other turnover duties (like laundry and trash pickup) and report maintenance issues.

Find and hire qualified cleaners

Hiring and supervising cleaning teams is the second biggest challenge vacation rental property managers face. Through the Turno Marketplace, quickly connect with pre-qualified cleaners in your area and hire in a matter of minutes. Turno helps keep costs low by enabling cleaners to bid for contracts.

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Hostfully’s award-winning property management software and digital guidebooks reduce vacation rental professionals’ workload through automation. With benefits for Hostfully customers (like Turno memberships), a mobile app, and best in-class operations features, property managers can eliminate manual tasks, and focus on other aspects of their business.

Listings and integrations

Hostfully’s industry-leading connectivity with over 40 listing sites and vacation rental apps allows property managers full flexibility in designing software solutions tailored to their businesses.

Reporting and data

Make month-end and accounting stress a thing of the past with the most comprehensive reporting feature on the market. Daily turnovers are made easy through the pipeline manager.

Mobile app

Never skip a beat when you’re away from the computer. Our mobile app gives you basic functionality wherever you are. Chat with guests, view booking inquiries, and view upcoming reservations.

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Frequently asked

No. Hostfully customers get unlimited access to all of Turno’s features.

If you switch from another PMS to Hostfully and are already a Turno customer, your Turno membership will become free.

You can still use other cleaning management apps.

Upon leaving Hostfully, you will have to pay for your Turno subscription. However, data exchanged from Hostfully to Turno will remain in Turno.

Turno is a benefit and not a promotion, meaning that it is a lifetime offer. To view discounts and promotions available to customers, please visit this page