Hostfully Digital Guidebooks in Action

Take a look at real examples of short-term and vacation rental managers harnessing the power of Hostfully Digital Guidebooks to boost the guest experience, eliminate repetitive tasks, and create new revenue streams.

With an intuitive interface for guests, and powerful features for hosts and managers, it's easy to see why Hostfully is the industry-leading digital guidebook solution for short-term and vacation rentals.

Here are a few examples of how real hosts and managers are using guidebooks to deliver next-level guest experiences and scoring 5-star reviews:

Example 1: Custom branding and colors

Ready to push your company’s branding even further?  You can change the colors of your guidebooks to match that of your company’s branding.  Uniform branding is a great way to attract repeat business; guests that feel they’re in the hands of a professional host are more likely to come back. See how Shirley and Mark of Cuevas Helena Holidays branded their digital guidebooks.

✓ Imports venue hours of operation
✓ Google Places API-ready
✓ Use your logo anywhere

Example 2: Self-check-in

Want to skip greeting guests and implement self-check-in?  With digital guidebooks you can leave detailed transportation and self-check-in instructions, complete with pictures, videos and even directions in Google Maps.  Here’s how Yann of Mtl Vacation Rentals implemented self-check-in and provides detailed transportation instructions.

✓ Multi-lingual
✓ Visual access details
✓ Precise transportation instructions

Example 3: House manual

The last thing guests want at check-in is to get an earful on house rules or a PhD-level course on how to use the washing machine. So why not let the digital guidebook do the talking? Here’s how Laurent of Auntie Belham’s conveys important property information to guests.

✓ Polished look and feel
✓ Custom categories
✓ Unique descriptions

Example 4: Videos embeds

A picture is worth a thousand words, and a video a thousand more.  With Hostfully digital guidebooks, you can leave detailed instructions or recommendations in video format! Here’s how Pedro uses videos to woo guests.

✓ Custom recommendations
✓ Detailed house manual
✓ Easy setup

Example 5: Multi-language

Hosts that attract guests from non-English markets can offer digital guidebooks in multiple languages.  Just upload your translations and Hostfully takes care of the rest. Here’s how Tara of Heart of Cape Cod caters to guests in 5 different languages.

✓ Unlimited recommendations
✓ Dynamic map view
✓ Mobile-friendly

Example 6: Upsell products and services

You’ve worked hard to set up a clean and comfortable property.  You then spent all that money and energy to acquire bookings.  Now that the guests are here, why not create additional revenue streams through the Hostfully Marketplace?  Here’s how Lori of Take Me To Myrtle Beach offers experiences and services to guests to generate more revenue.

✓ Clear check-out information
✓ Visual house manual
✓ Printable PDF option

Example 7: Voice-activated concierge

Want to take the digital guidebook experience to a whole new level? With the Virtual Concierge Service integration, guests can ask Alexa devices any property-related information as well as recommendations. Here’s how Jeff of Summit Vacations offers virtual concierge perks to guests.
✓ Multi-property templates
✓ Searchable content
✓ Google Maps integrated

Example 8: Custom categories

Hostfully Digital Guidebooks come preloaded with categories.  But that’s just a start.  Create custom categories to reflect the uniqueness of your property.  See how SwissHut created unique categories.

✓ Share by QR code
✓ One-link download
✓ Easy to edit

Bonus: All features activated

Curious to see what a fully-loaded Hostfully Digital Guidebook looks like? From the marketplace, to custom categories, and even the ‘Book Again’ feature, here’s how Truyen of Saigon Living (and Hostfully employee) woos his guests and boosts his bottom-line.
✓ Branded
✓ Repeat business-ready
✓ Quick loading

Hostfully's Digital Guidebooks also have the following features:

Beautiful digital guidebooks that load on any device

Hostfully digital guidebooks are delivered to guests via a simple, mobile-friendly website link.  Guests don’t have to download an app or file.  Just click on the link and the guidebook loads on iOS, Android and all standard desktop browsers.

Hostfully’s guidebooks are COVID-19-proof

By going digital, hosts don’t have to worry about disinfecting unsanitary printed guidebooks.  Once they click on the link, the device guests carry with them contains all the information needed for an experience-rich stay.

Fully integrated with Hostfully PMS

Through secured guidebooks, your guest will have access to a unique guidebook that is customized with their name, check-in and check-out dates. The Hostfully PMS can also generate door codes for smart locks that are only valid for the reservation’s duration.

Built to scale as your company grows

If you already have a large portfolio of properties, setting up Hostfully Digital Guidebooks can be done at scale.  Create a template with basic check-in information, directions, branding, and recommendations.  Then use that template and fine-tune each guidebook for individual properties. Note: the following case study shows how a property management company creates 345 guidebooks in under a week.

Collect emails for retargeting and repeat business

In any business, it’s 3x cheaper to get repeat customers than to attract new ones.  It’s no different in the vacation rental and short-term industries.  Hostfully Digital Guidebooks can be configured to capture guest information, including email.  Over time, hosts and managers will have an email list of satisfied guests which they can recontact for repeat business.

Do you have a unique challenge in your vacation or short-term rental business you need help with? Please contact us! Our Digital Guidebooks or Property Management Platform can save you time, make your processes more efficient, or help you scale and automate your business.