Guidebooks for mobile, desktop, print, and voice

Don’t let an app get in the way of a great guest experience.
why use voice technology in your vacation rentals

Bring a new voice to your vacation rental

Provide a conversational voice concierge for your vacation rental. You can extend your Hostfully Guidebook content and make it available through an Amazon Echo or Google Home device.
Alexa or Google will provide details like your house rules and your expert local knowledge in an interactive voice conversation. Guests can even check out using Hostfully’s voice integration.

Stop worrying if your guests have an iPhone

All guests need is a link and they’re good to go.

We built Hostfully guidebooks using the best responsive design standards, and they work beautifully on any mobile device, including iPhones, Android devices, or whatever else comes along. They also look really great in a bigger format, like on a laptop or monitor for a desktop computer.

Sometimes the best vacations are screen free

Even when guests want to unplug, they can still access your guidebook content.

Hostfully guidebooks automatically work in PDF that’s easy for you to print on your own. We’ve developed several formatting options that you can use to best fit the look and feel of your property.

We’ve also thought through what makes sense to show on mobile versus in print. For example, we don’t display long links in our printed guidebooks, because that would just be silly. But we do include a QR code in case they want to access the guidebook online.

Ways guests access Hostfully guidebooks:

  • Via any mobile device with any browser, including iPhone, iPad, Android mobile and tablets, Samsung, etc.
  • On any web browser on a laptop or desktop computer
  • Send them a URL link to open on any device
  • Email them a PDF they can view or print
  • Viewing printed copies in your listing
  • By opening a QR code on a printed guidebook

Editing is easy with one platform

You don’t have time to maintain different mobile apps and websites. When you use the Hostfully guidebook platform, one change in your guidebook automatically updates all digital formats at once.

Want to update the printed version? Just generate another PDF after you’ve made changes, which you can print on any printer. We don’t want to get in the way of you giving guests the best, up-to-date content.