A unique event designed to introduce you to our integration partners and their innovative solutions.

Hostfully proudly presents Integrations Palooza.

Hostfully is proud to present Integrations Palooza, a landmark event from March 4th to 8th that’s set to revolutionize vacation rental management. 

What’s Integrations Palooza? 🌐 This unparalleled event features a series of live demonstrations from over 30 top integration partners in the vacation rental industry. It’s your chance to explore cutting-edge technologies and learn how they can enhance your operational efficiency, guest satisfaction, and overall business success.

Why You Shouldn’t Miss It: 💡

  • Innovative Solutions: Dive into a world of integrations designed to streamline your vacation rental operations, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve.
  • Expert Guidance: Gain insights from the forefront of the industry, with practical tips from seasoned professionals.
  • Interactive Exploration: Experience live demos, engage directly with experts during Q&A sessions, and tailor technological solutions to meet your specific needs.

Elevate Your Property Management Game: 🚀 Whether you’re optimizing your current setup or on the lookout for new integrations, this event is your gateway to unlocking operational excellence.

Register Now & Don’t Miss Out: 🏃‍♂️ Time is of the essence—secure your spot today! 🦥 Join the Hostfully family and the wider vacation rental community at Integrations Palooza!

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Event Schedule

March 4th

hostfully property management platform best vacation rental software
March 4th - 12pm EST

Opening Act: Hear from Hostfully's CEO and President!

March 4th - 1pm EST

Saving time and driving revenue with AI guest messaging

March 4th - 2pm EST

Maximize direct booking revenues with a Short Term Rental Website Builder

March 4th - 3pm EST

Unlock New Efficiency & Safety Levels: See What You've Been Missing

March 4th - 4pm EST

Capturing Last Minute Bookings for Extra Revenue

March 4th - 5pm EST

The FREE Turnover Management Platform

March 4th - 6pm EST

Streamlining Your Property Management & Guest Experience


March 5th

March 5th - 12pm EST

Kiss Those Keys Goodbye: The Simplified Guide to Making Guest Access Easier Than Ever

March 5th - 1pm EST

Take vacation from managing your property finances

March 5th - 2pm EST

Get Ahead of the Competition with Beyond's New Predictive Revenue Solution

March 5th - 3pm EST

Elevate your Distribution

hostfully client recommendations success stories
March 5th - 4pm EST

Boost Your Direct Bookings in 2024

March 5th - 5pm EST

Safely & Hostfully

March 5th - 6pm EST

Streamline Your Guest Experience


March 6th

March 8th - 12pm EST

Guest experience redefined when locks, thermostat, noise, automated upsells, messaging are all brought under one roof

March 6th - 1pm EST

Automate guest messaging

March 6th - 2pm EST

Make the Most of your Vrbo Connection

March 6th - 3pm EST

Direct Booking Success with Hudson Creative Studio

March 6th - 4pm EST

Look, book.....wait, no fees?? Getting a traveler booked with the least amount of clicks!

March 6th - 5pm EST

Get the most of your dynamic pricing tool

March 6th - 6pm EST

Elevating Operations


March 7th

March 7th - 12pm EST

Benchmark like never before

March 7th - 1pm EST

Seamless Hospitality Automation with Operto Guest Technologies and Teams

March 7th - 2pm EST

Monetizing your Guest Experience

March 7th - 3pm EST

Sharing Our Secrets: Lessons Learned From Our 80% Chargeback Success Rate

March 7th - 4pm EST

Streamline Your Accounting

March 7th - 5pm EST

Navigating Spring Break 2024: Data Strategies for Vacation Rental Success

March 7th - 6pm EST

Operations Automation! How to do more with less time and cost


March 8th

March 8th - 12pm EST

Unlock the Power of Smart Guest Screening: Maximize Your Free KYG Lite Tool

March 8th - 1pm EST

Eliminate Client Invoicing Headaches

March 8th - 2pm EST

Scaling and Automating Turn Day Operations

March 8th - 3pm EST

Operational Efficiency, Reduced Operating Costs, and Asset Protection

March 8th - 4pm EST

Maximizing Direct Bookings

vacation rental management software short term rentals distribution channels OTAs
March 6th - 6pm EST

Discover video reviews to boost your revenue

March 6th - 5pm EST

Meet Your Personal Assistant!

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Exclusive deals for Hostfully customers

As Hostfully customers you will receive exclusive discounts and promotions from our partners such as PriceLabs, Wheelhouse, Safely, Turno, Lynx and more. We have a page full of them!

Building the ultimate tech-stack with integrations

Hostfully’s Property Management Platform ensures these 6 key tech components are in order for your vacation rental portfolio to perform at peak efficiency.

Step 01: Pick your OTAs to increase visibility
Hostfully builds direct partnerships with all major channels, allowing you to easily list and manage content on multiple platforms with one intuitive central platform. By increasing your distribution, you will:
Reach more potential guests
Have fewer vacancies
Maximize profits
With dynamic pricing integrations, powerful algorithms will tap into big data and optimize your nightly rates in real time, so you can squeeze every dollar possible out of your investments. Dynamic pricing tools will help you:
Automatically adjust prices nightly, based on trends, competition, seasonal fluctuations, etc.
Save you a lot of time from having to do the research and editing yourself
Fill up your calendar and maximize revenue
Coordinating turnover and cleaning can get overwhelming, especially when you scale your portfolio. On top of that, how can you ensure the job is done right? With these integrations, you can:
Assign cleaning tasks automatically
Ensure quality work
Oversee the entire vacation rental cleaning and maintenance cycle
With these integrations you can remotely manage lighting, heating, and cooling, and even control locks. The benefits are huge:
Save time from manually doing these tasks
Improve guest experience
Reduce costs
Have your reservations automatically screened for risky guests and protect yourself from damage to your business. Our insurance integrations will enable you to:
Reduce the need for cumbersome security deposits
Have access to resources to deal with guest damage (up to $1,000,000)
Host with peace of mind
5-star reviews guarantee future bookings and are an endorsement for charging a higher nightly rate. These integrations will allow you to:
Meet the unique needs of guests
Gain better reviews and more bookings
Increase revenue

Vacation rental management takes a lot of time and there’s a lot you need to handle beyond the above. These extra integrations will allow you to:

Create your own direct bookings website
Automate your accounting
Acquire and analyze your data to maximize bookings

Want to integrate with Hostfully?

Frequently asked questions

Yes, Hostfully maintains good relationships with our partners and as Hostfully clients you will receive exclusive discounts and promotions from our partners such as PriceLabs, Wheelhouse, Safely, Turno, Lynx and more. We have a page full of them, check them out here: https://www.hostfully.com/partners-promotions/

Hostfully products give property managers the tools they need to automate their business, earn more money, and deliver a 5-star guest experience.

The Property Management Platform lets you automate and simplify the complex management tasks of running a vacation rental. With award-winning and industry-leading features such as a channel manager, central calendar, unified inbox, triggers and templates for automated communication, payment processing, analytics & reporting, smart home management, and more, you can run your business with less effort and more success.

Hostfully’s award-winning Digital Guidebooks are easy to build and manage. You will offer guests all the information they need before they ask, which means you’ll receive fewer repetitive questions and reduce out-of-hours communications. Guidebooks simplify how you share local recommendations, the house manual, check-in instructions, and more! Other features include the ability to upsell products and services and share unique PIN codes to smart locks.

Well, not to brag, but our Property Management Platform has won a bunch of awards. We’re one of the only companies to have won back-to-back VRMB Keystone Awards (2019 and 2021) and to have won a Shortyz (2022).

We take culture very seriously. Each person you interact with at Hostfully cares deeply about the customer experience and improving what we bring to the market. Our international team has deep and diverse insights about the vacation and short term rental industry and we will always do our best to serve every customer. Many customers choose to work with us solely based on our customer care experience.

Finally, we’re the perfect choice for companies looking to scale and grow. Hostfully is one of the few management tools that is flexible enough to help a single-property manager and help them scale up to hundreds or thousands of units. We have many customers who have grown their business 200-300% while working with us. This is due to our flexible platform architecture and ease of integration with other best in class software tools for short term rentals.

Yes, we have loads of pre-recorded webinars hosted with other vacation rental industry professionals centered around various topics to help you learn more about the industry and how you can capitalize on certain trends. You can check them out here. Keep an eye on the upcoming ones too!

Of course! We have free demos happening weekly for our Property Management Platform and Digital Guidebooks. Check out the links below.

Live Property Management Platform demo with Q&A: https://app.livestorm.co/hostfully/livepmp
Live Digital Guidebooks demo with Q&A: https://app.livestorm.co/hostfully/liveguidebook

Alternatively, we also have pre-recorded demos you can check out on this page: https://www.hostfully.com/request-a-demo/

We offer two products. For the Property Management Platform, if you have up to 19 properties, you will likely choose one of our three tiers: Starter, Pro, and Pro Plus. If you have 20 or more properties, then you’ll need to connect with our Sales team to determine your Enterprise Pricing.

For Hostfully Guidebooks, you will pay per guidebook. For up to 10 guidebooks you can select Power Host, Prime, or Prime Plus, and once you’d like 11 guidebooks you’ll move into Premium Pricing which is also pay by guidebook.

Yes, we will miss you, but we give you the total flexibility to cancel at any time. And no, there are no cancellation fees.

Hostfully customer support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

More answers can be found in our FAQ page.

Why Hostfully

hostfully property management software vacation rental management software
World-class customer support​
Our solutions are easy to use and will automate your everyday tasks. Our team is also there to help with any issues and will stay with you until you’re comfortable and everything is running smoothly.
hostfully property management software vacation rental management software
We share our insight and knowledge
Our team has years of experience in the business, learning best practices from leading brands. And we love sharing our knowledge with you. Come say hi to our team during the big vacation rental conferences, or tune into our free webinars.
hostfully property management software vacation rental management software sustainability
A company with
a purpose
We do more than just provide a tool. Through partnerships with Sustonica, EnviroRental, Ecologi and others, we help others in our industry make meaningful changes in the way they operate, to make a positive impact on the community and environment.

Still not convinced?

At Hostfully we do things very differently. Instead of jumping right in, you can book a FREE and PERSONALIZED demo with one of our friendly Sales team members. They will show you exactly how Hostully will make your life as a vacation rental property manager much easier, in a demo that is customized to your business needs. So, how about it?

We've got your back.

Get answers when you need them. Our knowledgeable team is there to answer your inquiries, investigate your queries, and they genuinely want to provide you with a better experience. Simply reach out to us via email (hello@hostfully.com) or click the button below to start chatting now.

hostfully customer support
Average customer service rating
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Support with agents all over the world