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It's no easy feat to manage over 100 vacation homes/rentals. An even bigger challenge is when they're all full of guests! This is where Hostfully guidebooks came in and saved the day. I've been using Hostfully's guidebooks for over 3 years and our guests love them. They find the information and recommendations we provide extremely helpful and because of it, we believe, they enjoy their stay more.
Paul I., Thassos Holiday Rentals

About AIPEX Virtual Concierge

AIPEX provides the leading AI guest engagement platform for hosts. They can reduce staff load, optimize turnovers, generate incremental revenue and drive occupancy. Guests have access both through in-property devices and on their phones. Hosts can delight guests with instant curated answers to their questions about the property and local area. The AI can also deliver images, video how-tos, and has the ability to drive actions based on guest requests – all through a conversation!

How Hostfully's integration with AIPEX Virtual Concierge will benefit you:

  • Reduce staff load
  • Implement self check-in & check-out
  • Boost your 5-star reviews
  • Optimize turnover
  • Drive occupancy

Get to know AIPEX Virtual Concierge

Ask anything OR use a menu

Content is auto-organized into a menu of options for guests. They can ask any question at any time, or tap buttons to navigate the menu and explore.

Video, images, and more

Hosts can communicate important information via text, video and audio. Plus other options, like links to additional information.

Display a carousel of images and text that you can define

Available in a variety of screen sizes, this digital signage is shown even when guests aren’t interacting with the device.

Drive additional revenue by booking orphan nights

AIPEX detects gaps between reservations and offers multiple ways to communicate that to guests – it is woven into conversation, proactive notifications are sent, and the offer is displayed on-screen even when guests aren’t interacting with it.

Customized recommendations

A ‘Content Generator’, making it easy to add curated recommendations using GenAI. Delight your guests by giving them exactly what they want.


About AIPEX Virtual Concierge

No, Hostfully and AIPEX also have guidebook integration, where information from your Hostfully guidebook is made available directly within the AIPEX system.
No, the service is available as a mobile web app – just give guests a link.
Amazon Alexa devices with special software that is purpose-built for vacation rentals. The Echo Show 8 and Echo Show 15 are our most popular options.
AIPEX is supported on guest’s mobile phones globally. Alexa devices are supported in the US, UK, Canada and US Territories.
Yes – In the AIPEX portal, you can activate or deactivate the Virtual Concierge service at your properties. When the service is disabled, no credits are consumed. Using credits allows us to offer hosts the ability to only pay for the service when you are using it. Most subscription models charge you by the month, whether there are guests in your property or not. Instead, with AIPEX self-service, you can disable your properties in the off-season and be charged nothing.

About Hostfully's Digital Guidebooks​

With Hostfully’s Digital Guidebooks, you’re able to communicate everything a guest needs to know from check-in to check-out about your property, and even provide local recommendations. They’re easy to build & manage, and require no technical expertise at all. When sharing, you can either print, download the PDF version, or provide a simple link to your guest that is optimized to be opened on any device or browse. You can also upsell your extra services and create more revenue streams for your business.


Everything about your property the guest should know! How to check-in, where to find certain amenities, how the laundry machine or the hot tub’s endless, really. You can also add as many local recommendations as you want. Your favorite cafes or restaurants, tours your guests can sign up for, places to visit, things to experience, and more. You can also add gift cards or vouchers, simultaneously supporting small businesses in your area.

Beyond this, you can also upsell your own services. Do you offer pick up/drop off? Great! Add that in. How about mid-stay cleaning? Awesome. Add that in too. With upselling, you can create additional revenue streams, which helps you increase your profits while also providing a 5* experience to your guests.

For some live examples of awesome guidebooks created, click here.

Of course! We have free live demos happening weekly for our Digital Guidebooks. Visit this link to register now and have a fun chat with our team:

Alternatively, we also have a pre-recorded demo you can check out here. All demos can be found on our “Request a Demo” page.
Yes! You can create a single guidebook for free. The paid version comes with more features, however. You can click here to start creating your free guidebook.

The only additional fee is if you decide to use our Guidebook Marketplace to upsell your services. In this case, there is a 1% Stripe fee.

Yes, you may! We give you the total flexibility to cancel at any time. And no, there are no cancellation fees.

Our team won’t be building the full guidebook for you, however, yes they will take you through the process, step by step and then let you get creative. However, our Quick Start Wizard is quite helpful too and with the help of that you’ll have a new guidebook in no time!

More answers can be found in our FAQ page.

Why Hostfully

World-class customer support

Our solutions are easy to use and will automate your everyday tasks. Our team is also there to help with any issues and will stay with you until you’re comfortable and everything is running smoothly.

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A company with a purpose

We do more than just provide a tool. Through partnerships with Sustonica, EnviroRental, Ecologi and others, we help others in our industry make meaningful changes in the way they operate, to make a positive impact on the community and environment.

hostfully team remote work career success job opportunities

We share our insight and knowledge

Our team has years of experience in the business, learning best practices from leading brands. And we love sharing our knowledge with you. Come say hi to our team during the big vacation rental conferences, or tune into our free webinars.

Still not convinced?

At Hostfully we do things very differently. Instead of jumping right in, you can book a FREE and PERSONALIZED demo with one of our friendly Sales team members. They will show you exactly how Hostully will make your life as a vacation rental property manager much easier, in a demo that is customized to your business needs. So, how about it?

Still not convinced?

At Hostfully we do things very differently. Instead of jumping right in, you can book a FREE and PERSONALIZED demo with one of our friendly Sales team members. They will show you exactly how Hostully will make your life as a vacation rental property manager much easier, in a demo that is customized to your business needs. So, how about it?

We've got your back.

Get answers when you need them. Our knowledgeable team is there to answer your inquiries, investigate your queries, and they genuinely want to provide you with a better experience. Simply reach out to us via email ( or click the button below to start chatting now.


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