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The integrations to the most important OTA's is quick and easy, the integrations for other 3rd party software (dynamic pricing, operational, accounting, insurance, etc) and service providers is seamless. For any questions or issues, Hostfully has fast and knowledgeable customer service.
Nick Halverson, OSA Property Management

About Chekin

Chekin allows you to automate the entire check-in journey of your guest, from booking confirmation, all the way to check-out. By automating the entire registration process, you’ll be able to Increase your income, profits, and improve your guest experience while also saving time and money.

All Hostfully clients can enjoy a 30% discount for a full year when subscribing to Chekin. More info here.

How Hostfully's integration with Chekin will benefit you:

  • Save 100s of hours
  • Manage guest registration and identification online
  • Better experience for guest & host
  • Make more money with upselling
  • Peace of mind while hosting

Get to know Chekin

Identity verification

Chekin verifies the identity of your guests through their biometric comparison software, ensuring that the person accessing your home is the same as indicated by the documentation provided.

Personalized rental contracts and digital signatures

Customize the rental contract by adding all the clauses you want and having your guests read and digitally sign it during online check-in.


Offer your guests additional services, such as early check-in / late check-out, transport to and from the airport, mid-stay cleaning and other services. With personalization, you will be able to generate more money from each reservation and more direct bookings!

Remote access

Chekin will send your guests a virtual key so that they can access the property independently. You will no longer have to waste time traveling to the house for the key delivery and collection process.

Automatic sending to the authorities

Chekin generates and sends guest’s reports to local authorities automatically, complying with all legal requirements.

Tourist Tax

Ask your guests to pay the tourist tax during online check-in. Chekin’s system will calculate it automatically for you based on the country, region, type of property, number of adults / children…


About Chekin

Yes, get 30% knocked off your subscription fee for a full year when signing up for Chekin as a Hostfully client! More info here.
You can use Chekin in all countries.
Your lead guest can complete the Online Chekin for all the reservations members or share the form link with them.
In many countries, it is mandatory to register guests, communicate their personal information with the authorities or store the documentation for a certain period. If your accommodation is based in one of these countries, Chekin helps you by being 100% legally compliant: Austria, Belgium, Colombia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Dubai, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Slovenia, Thailand, United Kingdom. If your country does not appear here then please contact Chekin at
For the countries listed above Chekin generates all the official documentation required by local authorities. Chekin creates the entry form for each guest registered and sends the data to the Police and Statistics Institute, allowing you to store all the documents generated online for the time required by law. The software gives you also the opportunity to create a short rental agreement where you can add the clauses to ensure your property.
During online registration, Chekin will require your guests to take a selfie and a picture of the ID. These will be compared by using biometric match technology so, in case you can’t be available for the check-in, your guests can access your accommodation and also you won’t be worried about that since you already verified their identity.
All your listings and bookings are synced on Chekin and, in case something is updated on the Hostfully side, the new info will be reflected on real time in Chekin too.

Yes actually. You can watch Chekin’s webinar with Hostfully to learn more about Chekin’s all-in-one-solution.

About Hostfully's Property Management Platform

Hostfully products give property managers the tools they need to automate their business, earn more money, and deliver a 5-star guest experience.

The Property Management Platform lets you automate and simplify the complex management tasks of running a vacation rental. With award-winning and industry-leading features such as a channel manager, central calendar, unified inbox, triggers and templates for automated communication, payment processing, analytics & reporting, smart home management, and more, you can run your business with less effort and more success.

Hostfully provides premium channel distribution to over 17 booking platforms and OTAs. We are one of the few companies in the world to hold Preferred Partner Status with the top three booking platforms for vacation rentals: Airbnb, VRBO, and We connect with other listing sites and OTAs through direct API (we don’t rely on a separate manager to sync). This makes Hostfully one of the most stable channel management providers in the industry.

Hostfully’s unique pipeline view gives managers a birds eye view of the business. Easily track incoming leads, unpaid deposits, upcoming check-ins and check-outs, and operations. From the same screen, assign tasks to team members with just a few clicks.

Hostfully offers the most flexibility to use third-party vacation rental software. We have direct integrations with the industry’s leading software providers, giving you the option to pick and choose software that’s right for you. Each business is unique, and so should the software used to run it.

Hostfully invests in and provides world-class customer service. Our 1:1 onboarding sessions limit downtime or disruptions to your operations. Afterwards, we have regular check-ins with our Customer Success Team. And if you’re ever stuck, we offer 200+ help articles and chat or email access to our 24/7 in-house Customer Support Team.

You can check out our reviews here:
Every new customer of our Property Management Platform receives step-by-step instructions and a dedicated Onboarding Specialist to support you for your first 45 days. After you complete an initial assignment to get you started and attend a group call, your Onboarding Specialist will set up the first of your 1:1 one-hour personalized calls.* During your onboarding, Hostfully will help you set up your properties, configure listing sites and OTAs, show you how to automate processes with templates and triggers, and get started with pricing.

Please note that the set up time to import and list properties on listing sites varies. Some take under 24 hours, while others take up to two weeks or longer. This is outside any software company’s control. However, due to Hostfully’s preferred partner status with Airbnb, Vrbo, and, we can track your status progress and get faster access if an unforeseen problem happens.

After your 1:1 calls, additional onboarding services can be purchased for $150 per hour.

*All plans include at least 2 x 1:1 calls. See plans for details.
Yes! Our mobile app helps you manage your critical and time-sensitive tasks from the palm of your hand. It is available for both iPhone & Android.
Of course! We have free live demos happening weekly for our Property Management Platform. Visit this link to register now and have a fun chat with our team:

Alternatively, we also have a pre-recorded demo you can check out here. All demos can be found on our “Request a Demo” page.
Yay! We’re so excited you’re ready to come try us out. We don’t offer free trials, however we do offer a free one-on-one personalized software demo where you can see exactly how Hostfully will be of benefit to you. Want to try a demo, then? Click here to get started. Alternatively, you can check our pricing page to subscribe right away.
Hostfully customer support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
More answers can be found in our FAQ page.

Why Hostfully

World-class customer support

Our solutions are easy to use and will automate your everyday tasks. Our team is also there to help with any issues and will stay with you until you’re comfortable and everything is running smoothly.

hostfully team remote work career success job opportunities

A company with a purpose

We do more than just provide a tool. Through partnerships with Sustonica, EnviroRental, Ecologi and others, we help others in our industry make meaningful changes in the way they operate, to make a positive impact on the community and environment.

hostfully team remote work career success job opportunities

We share our insight and knowledge

Our team has years of experience in the business, learning best practices from leading brands. And we love sharing our knowledge with you. Come say hi to our team during the big vacation rental conferences, or tune into our free webinars.

Still not convinced?

At Hostfully we do things very differently. Instead of jumping right in, you can book a FREE and PERSONALIZED demo with one of our friendly Sales team members. They will show you exactly how Hostully will make your life as a vacation rental property manager much easier, in a demo that is customized to your business needs. So, how about it?

Still not convinced?

At Hostfully we do things very differently. Instead of jumping right in, you can book a FREE and PERSONALIZED demo with one of our friendly Sales team members. They will show you exactly how Hostully will make your life as a vacation rental property manager much easier, in a demo that is customized to your business needs. So, how about it?

We're here to help.

Get answers when you need them. Our knowledgeable team is there to answer your inquiries, investigate your queries, and they genuinely want to provide you with a better experience. Simply reach out to us via email ( or click the button below to start chatting now.


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