FREE Booking Analytics!


This feature is dedicated to helping property managers and owners like you gain a deeper understanding of your rental portfolio's performance.

At a glance, Portfolio Analytics offers:

  • Real-time Reports: Get instant insights into essential metrics such as monthly revenue, occupancy rates, and average lengths of stay.
  • Detailed Listing Analysis: Dive deeper into each property's performance metrics, aiding you in tailoring your pricing strategies more effectively.
  • Trend Identification: Spot which of your listings are in high demand, determine sought-after amenities, and pinpoint peak booking seasons. This data is invaluable for making informed decisions regarding pricing, promotions, and other business strategies.

Promotion Summary

As a Hostfully user, enjoy PriceLabs Portfolio Analytics FREE for life whether you use PriceLabs, another dynamic pricing tool, or nothing at all.

New to PriceLabs? You will also receive a 30-day free trial of the Dynamic Pricing tool


None! This new integration feature is available to new and existing PriceLabs users!

Terms and Conditions

This special offer will remain available as long as you are using Hostfully's platform.

How to Sign Up

Ready to take advantage of this exceptional opportunity? Signing up is quick and easy for Hostfully users. Simply use this help article to connect, which includes a sign-up link for PriceLabs!

Note: if you are currently using a PriceLabs paid plan, you already have this feature and there are no further steps needed!