Direct Bookings Site

Increase your share of direct bookings with an easy pre-built site that shows availability and pricing.

Are you missing out on revenue?

The best property managers garner 65% of their business from direct bookings. But keeping a bookings site up to date is time consuming and a lot to add to your busy plate.

What if you could use an out-of-the-box bookings site synced with your property management platform, that included availability and an easy path for customers to buy?

Pre-built direct bookings site for your listings

With Hostfully’s property management platform comes with a built-in direct bookings site that you can use from day one. All you need to do is update with your colors and branding, and then you can start booking customers without having to pay excessive platform fees.

Direct bookings sites include property information, availability calendars, and payments processing. We can also provide bookings widgets for you to embed on your existing marketing site.

Help your customers book directly:

  • Up to date availability calendar
  • Complete list of your properties and amenities
  • Easy checkout
  • Branded with your logo and colors
  • Credit card and payments processing

Always up to date on pricing and availability

Rest assured that guests will get real-time availability and pricing. Your direct bookings site is directly integrated with the Hostfully property management platform so it brings in all the data you need for your business to run right. Whether its property details, dynamic pricing, photos, or availability, the booking process will be streamlined and simple for customers.

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