Owner Management

Easy collaboration with property owners on calendar availability, financial reporting, and more.

Frustrated owners can have a big downstream impact on your business

When you need to spend hours doing reports for your owners, you’re missing out on potential revenue. Incorrect calendar availability is a blocker for your business. Worse yet, manual efforts are error prone, leading to widespread confusion and risking valuable relationships with property owners.

Property owners rely on you for reporting and up-to-date availability

But doing this is hard. Without the right reporting tools, you will miss potential bookings and add stress to your team.

The Hostfully Property Management Platform automates owner management with configured reports, calendar management, and payments distribution. Owner management is integrated throughout the platform.

Owner management tools to help:

  • Place a hold on an owner’s calendar
  • Send monthly statements
  • Adjust for capital expenses
  • View owner revenue share
  • Distribute payments

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