Property Data Management

One place to manage all the details about your listings, from property descriptions to photos to amenities.

Stop swimming in a sea of details

When property data is disorganized, your business will suffer. Synchronization across platforms won’t work, and your listings will be overlooked and unbookable.

When you can't access property details you miss out on bookings

Taking too long to find information about your properties can risk your next booking. With the Hostfully Property Management Platform, you’ll be able to keep track of property data in one place. Synchronize data across distribution channels. Sort by key features. Integrate it with your guest communication to cut down on customer support questions. All in one platform.

Manage property details, including:

  • Channel-specific fields like amenities and special policies
  • Photos and captions
  • Fees and policies
  • Rental conditions
  • Check-in and access instructions
  • Review management

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