Data-Driven Vacation Rental Marketing

vacation rental research reports Data-Driven Vacation Rental Marketing

This guide demonstrates simple yet effective data analysis to expand marketing reach. You’ll see ways to easily collect guest insights and larger demand trends, and identify ways to implement that data across marketing and growth strategies.

5 Tendencies of Effective Female Leaders

vacation rental research reports 5 Tendencies of Effective Female Leaders

In a male-dominated environment, female leaders need encouragement and practical strategies for success. This includes sharing ideas and supporting team members. Here are five effective habits for female leaders that are both useful and empowering.

Breaking the quiet quitting cycle

vacation rental research reports data

Explore the Quiet Quitting trend’s implications on your vacation rental brand and learn actionable strategies to re-engage your team. Discover the evolving work dynamics that might affect your business and ways to ensure exceptional guest experiences.

2022 Hospitality Industry Study

hostfully property management platform success stories case studies clients recommendation

This report provides unique insights into current vacation rental trends, the tech tools successful management companies use, and how the industry is adjusting to post-pandemic guest expectations.

2021 Hospitality Report

vacation rental research reports data

After the crash of 2020, the vacation rental industry bounced back in 2021. However, rising guest expectations, increasingly stringent public health regulations, and a more competitive market have placed new pressures on vacation rental managers. Learn about these strategies and what you can do to keep growing in this critical period.

How to Make Your Amenities and Services More Profitable

vacation rental research reports data

See which services vacation rental guests are willing to pay extra for during their stay. In collaboration with AllTheRooms, we created a report based on our own data to learn more about the spending behavior of guests and how you can capitalize on it.

2020 Hospitality Report

hostfully data and studies reports short term rentals

2020 was a year of change for hosts and managers across the globe. The pandemic forced many to rethink how they operate, the tech tools they use, their marketing strategies, and how they manage guest expectations. From direct booking sites, to powerful guest communication tools, our unique insights show how quickly the industry adjusted and what you can do to match or outpace your competitors.

2019 Hospitality Report

hostfully data and studies reports short term rentals

Curious to see how your peers operate their businesses and processes? In our 2019 Industry Report, we surveyed hosts and managers with portfolios of all types to understand which trends are taking shape, what software has become popular, and where the industry is headed.