COVID-19 Parties, Fraud, and the Return of Travel

Every short-term rental host or manager wants to increase occupancy. It’s the quickest way to boost the bottom line. At least that’s the theory. Unfortunately, in the age of “COVID-19 parties” and rentals being used for criminal activities, hosts and managers as well as their assets are exposed to a new form of risk. These can range from fines by municipalities, neighbor complaints, physical damages, and everything in between.

So how can hosts and managers protect themselves and their portfolio?  After all, risky guests don’t broadcast their intentions.  In this paper, we partnered with NoiseAware and Autohost to look at this rising trend.  Specifically, we explore; what are risky reservations, the rise of noise incidents in properties, what the trend may evolve to in 2020-21; actionable tips to protects hosts, managers, and their assets.

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What's in this paper:

Before COVID versus during COVID

COVID-19 parties are making headlines since the lockdown.  However, short-term and vacation rentals being used for nefarious activities or underground parties has been a growing trend.

Region by region and biggest increases

Rentals in some regions are more prone to damages by risky reservations.  Surprisingly, it’s not necessarily beach destinations or university towns that are always affected.

2020-21 Outlook

A big part of preventing COVID-19 parties in your properties involves understanding the risk.  And most importantly, how the risk is evolving.

The current reality

Which properties are most at risk?  And of course, are there areas most affected? The best way to prevent problems is to understand the risk factors.

Tips to avoid renting to risky guests

Understanding is one thing.  Taking action is another.  We go through 10 tips hosts and managers can implement to lower risk, while still keeping vacancies low.

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