Splitting your portfolio into micro brands

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What you will get from this report...

check2-all What is micro branding, and how it applies to vacation rental management.

check2-all Benefits you could gain from splitting your portfolio.

check2-all Four micro brand structures, and what each offers.

check2-all What tech tools you’ll need to implement this tactic.

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reasons to split your portfolio
different brand structure ideas
steps to effectively create a micro brand company
hostfully data and studies short term rentals
Who this eBook is for?

Established or growing vacation rental management companies who are always looking for creative ways to get more out of their marketing budgets.
Optimizing paid ads, rewording listing descriptions, and taking better pictures only gets you so far. If this resonates with you, it’s time to think outside the box and try something radically different.

Have you considered reshuffling how your properties are structured within your company?

Odds are, you have one brand guide that dictates your website’s look, value proposition to guests, and the tone and style in which communications go out. Problem is, your properties aren’t all the same. Some would be better off being represented under a different brand and style.

Micro brands can help get you more out of your marketing efforts
Depending on how your company operates, it may be advantageous to split for portfolio into micro brands. Each one of these brands would appear to the guest as a separate company. But in reality, it’s the same front office staff, cleaners, and management.