Inside Integrations: Superhog for Vacation Rentals

Jun 10 2024

Get tips on how to use Hostfully to optimize your vacation rental business and make more profit.


What’s in this article?

Learn about Hostfully and Superhogs integration
Superhog’s Know-Your-Guest Lite tool is FREE for Hostfully users! Source

Inside Integrations is Hostfully’s ongoing series, featuring a range of tools to help property managers build a custom tech stack to boost their businesses.

Superhog is an innovative risk management platform that provides valuable solutions for vacation rental managers seeking to enhance their guest screening process and protect their properties from potential damages. In this complete guide, we’ll cover the ins and outs of Superhog, including its features, benefits for vacation rental managers, and integration with Hostfully. Learn more about Superhog’s “Know your Guest” offering here.

About Superhog

Superhog is a trusted platform that revolutionizes the vacation rental industry by providing short-term rental managers and hosts with innovative screening technology. The platform’s advanced guest screening process goes above and beyond traditional methods to ensure a safe and secure environment for both hosts and guests and provide invaluable peace of mind.

Through Superhog’s “Know your guest” feature, hosts can access comprehensive insights into potential guests, including detailed guest profiles, previous rental history, and reviews from other hosts. This verification process empowers hosts to make informed decisions when approving booking requests, ultimately fostering a sense of trust and transparency in the vacation rental community and mitigating fraudulent bookings and potentially “bad guests.”

With Superhog’s E-deposit —a security deposit alternative implemented via an API with PMSs, OTAS, and solution providers — hosts can securely collect a refundable deposit from guests. This allows for seamless guest screening and serves as a financial safeguard against potential property damages.

By leveraging intelligent ID, biometric verification, and comprehensive damage protection technology to streamline the deposit collection process, Superhog minimizes risks for hosts and ensures a seamless vacation rental experience for both parties involved.

Top 3 Superhog Features

Feature 1: Guest Screening

As mentioned, the standout feature of Superhog is its comprehensive guest screening process. With an ID capture, hosts can access detailed information about potential guests, including their rental history, ratings from previous hosts, and any reported incidents. By having access to this information, hosts can make informed decisions about accepting or declining booking requests, ensuring a safer and more enjoyable experience.

The guest screening process authenticates a guest’s details in real-time across multiple authoritative databases, including identity verification measures to ensure that guests are who they claim to be.

Know your guest's guest screen home page
Superhog’s “Know Your Guest” offering authenticates any potential guests. Source

Feature 2: Damage Waiver

Even with the most respectful guests, accidents happen. To address this concern, Superhog offers a Damage Waiver feature. This provides hosts with additional protection against accidental damages that may occur during a guest’s stay. The Damage Waiver offers hosts financial coverage for eligible damages, eliminating the need for the hassle and uncertainty involved in pursuing compensation.

In addition to financial coverage, the Damage Waiver feature streamlines the resolution process for damages, allowing hosts to focus on providing a positive experience for their guests. Hosts can report damages easily through the Superhog platform, and the team will handle the rest, ensuring a quick and efficient resolution. This seamless process enhances the overall hosting experience, giving hosts peace of mind and confidence in Superhog’s support system.

See some of the features of damage deposits
Superhog’s Damage Waivers make property management less risky. Source

Feature 3: Damage Protection Plan

For hosts seeking comprehensive protection for their properties, Superhog offers a Damage Protection Plan. This plan covers hosts against a wider range of damages, including those caused by malicious intent or negligence. By opting for host guarantee, managers can be assured that their properties are well-protected.

Furthermore, the Damage Protection Plan includes personalized risk assessment and mitigation strategies tailored to each host’s property. Superhog’s team of experts analyzes potential risks specific to the property and provides recommendations to minimize vulnerabilities. This proactive approach to property protection empowers hosts to safeguard their investments effectively, ensuring a secure and sustainable hosting experience with Superhog.

What is and isn't included in the damage protection plan
Take a glimpse at Superhog’s straightforward damage protection plan. Source

Benefits of Superhog for vacation rental managers

Superhog provides numerous benefits for vacation rental managers, making it an invaluable tool in their operations. Let’s look at a few.

Streamlined approvals

First and foremost, the guest screening process saves time and effort by streamlining the approval process. Instead of manually researching potential guests, hosts can rely on Superhog’s comprehensive data to make informed decisions promptly.

Damage protection peace of mind

The damage protection features safeguard hosts from potential financial losses due to property damages. Whether it’s the Damage Waiver or the Damage Protection Plan, hosts have options that suit their specific needs and risk tolerance.

Guest screening place of mind

Moreover, Superhog offers a unique Trust Score system that helps hosts assess the reliability of guests. This score is based on various factors such as previous rental history, reviews from other hosts, and identity verification. By utilizing this Trust Score, vacation rental managers can ensure a higher level of security and peace of mind when accepting bookings.

Strategy and revenue maximization

In addition to its intelligent guest screening and damage protection capabilities, Superhog also provides valuable insights through its analytics tools. These tools allow hosts to track key performance metrics, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions to optimize their rental properties. By leveraging these analytics, vacation rental managers can enhance their overall business strategy and maximize their rental income.

Superhogs free guide to help vacation rental managers

In addition to its product offerings, Superhog provides various resources, including a FREE guide, “How to Turn Stains into Gains in Your Rental Property.”

Our integration: Superhog and Hostfully

One of the most notable advantages of Superhog is its integration with Hostfully’s property management software (PMS). This integration allows hosts using Hostfully to seamlessly access Superhog’s industry-leading features, enhancing their overall rental management experience.

With the integration, hosts can conveniently navigate between Hostfully and Superhog, accessing guest screening information, managing deposits, and reviewing damage protection coverage without the need for multiple platforms or manual data transfer.

Furthermore, the collaboration between Superhog and Hostfully brings a new level of security and peace of mind to hosts. Superhog’s advanced AI technology can analyze guest profiles and booking patterns to identify potential high-risk reservations, providing an extra layer of protection against fraudulent activities. This proactive approach helps hosts minimize risks and maintain a secure rental environment for both themselves and their guests.

In addition to security benefits, the integration offers hosts valuable insights and data-driven recommendations to optimize their rental strategies. By leveraging Superhog’s data analytics capabilities through the Hostfully platform, hosts can make informed decisions on pricing, occupancy rates, and guest preferences. This data-driven approach empowers hosts to maximize their rental income and improve overall guest satisfaction, ultimately leading to a more successful and sustainable vacation rental business.


In conclusion, Superhog offers a comprehensive solution for property owners and hosts who prioritize guest screening and property protection. With its advanced features, such as guest screening, damage waiver, and damage protection plans, Superhog provides hosts with the tools they need to minimize risks and ensure a safe and secure experience for both themselves and their guests.

Furthermore, the integration with Hostfully streamlines the rental management process, allowing hosts to effortlessly navigate between platforms and access the benefits of both Superhog and Hostfully.

Superhog continues to innovate and set new benchmarks in the STR industry. With Superhog’s focus on safety, transparency, and convenience from the start of a guest’s booking journey through the end, you can be confident in the knowledge that your guests have been thoroughly screened and your rental properties are protected, providing another useful tool in your vacation rental business toolkit.