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6 Tips for Writing an Effective Vacation Rental Listing Description

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Today’s short-term rental market can be very crowded, so you’ll need to be clever and thoughtful with your listing. The good news is a lot of people aren’t. You can make your rental stand out in the best way possible by following a few basic rules. Here are six tips for writing an effective vacation rental listing description.

Write a good headline

Every good vacation rental listing description begins with a solid headline. Your headline should be catchy and informative. People are scanning through headlines so yours needs to pull them in; give them a reason to click on it. You could have a fantastic rental but if you have a boring headline, it won’t get the attention it deserves. Use descriptive words you believe will appeal to your guests. Start crafting headlines and then test them out on friends and family.

Create a picture

When you’re writing your description, your goal is to paint a picture in the reader’s mind. You accomplish that by writing original, inspired copy, not by trotting out tired clichés. Adjectives aren’t actually that helpful here; rather than saying a room is “fantastic,” or “amazing,” why not provide some actual details and information. Readers will be seeing adjectives all over the place and, honestly, they don’t say a lot about your rental. Don’t talk about how your backyard is “lovely,” describe the kinds of plants renters will enjoy, or even the way it smells when a breeze comes through.

Unique selling points matter

Think about what separates your property from the rest. What makes it unique? Why should people rent from you and not somebody else? Unique selling points can be a lot of things; what you choose will depend on what your competition doesn’t have. Do some research and see what other vacation rentals in your area have, and don’t have. Maybe it’s a backyard pool, a flat screen TV, or a newly renovated kitchen. You won’t know until you check out the competition.

Revise and improve your first draft

“Cranking out a great first draft is a good way to get all your thoughts on the page; just don’t let the process stop there. The real work comes when you refine that draft into a polished final version,” suggests Grace Cross, content writer at Assignment Writing Service. Make sure you use active language; avoid writing in the passive voice whenever possible. Use your adjectives sparingly and think about how people will receive them. Is the master bedroom really all that “elegant?” Remember, you’ll have people from potentially all over the world as your guests.

Be specific, avoid vague language

Make your description specific and concrete; avoid flowery, vague language about vacationing. You don’t need to remind people that it’s been a while since they had a vacation, how great a vacation would feel, or how much they deserve one. They know; don’t waste their time. Make your writing informative and useful to your potential guests. Complement it with some great photos of your vacation rental property.

Check out some online writing tools for help

A good vacation rental listing description is all about clear communication, and that requires good writing skills. Writing is something that a lot of people can use improvement in. Here are some sites that can help step up your writing game:

#1. ViaWriting and WritingPopulist – These grammar resources are excellent at simplifying grammar and making it easy to understand. Leaving in a mistake can make your listing look fishy and that drives people away.

#2. Academized and Assignment Help – These online tools make proofreading a breeze and come recommended by Academized review. Don’t risk leaving a typo in your copy, have the pros look after it for you.

#3. StateofWriting and SimpleGrad – Try out these writing blogs and read up on some proofreading suggestions. Learning from other writers is a great way to improve your writing process and skills.

#4. EssayRoo and BoomEssays – Check out these editing tools, reviewed positively by Assignment Help.

#5. MyWritingWay and LetsGoandLearn – Use these writing guides to create a great vacation rental listing description. Writing is a process and works best if the steps go in the right order.


Vacation rental listings can be tricky. You want to communicate how perfect your rental is, but it’s not always easy to find the right words. There’s a lot to say, but you also don’t want to bore the reader and drive them away. If you follow these guidelines you will have a well-written description that brings in the reader, paints a picture, and convinces them your spot is better than the competition.