$800 per month saved from cleaning task automation
How a luxury vacation rental management company put cleaning, turnover, and maintenance on autopilot through the Hostfully-Breezeway integration
hostfully property management platform success stories case studies clients recommendation
hostfully property management platform success stories case studies clients recommendation

Kristi Campbell is the Operations Manager at Vanwaw Corporate Rentals, a corporate rental management company based out of Atlanta, which recently expanded to Jacksonville, Florida.

Vanwaw Corporate Rentals cleaning operations is set up in clusters in each city it operates. Managers have teams of cleaners, where cleaners can be a mix of contractors and staff, with laundry services outsourced.



• No clear way to schedule cleaning tasks
• Difficult to figure out costs of a turnover


• Cleaning tasks fully automated
• More 5-star reviews
• Expenses easier to track


• $800 per month saved
• Free time led to expansion to new markets
• More transparency with property owners

“Hostfully and Breezeway are the only two softwares we don’t mind the cost. What they give us in terms of ease of mind, reliability, and performance is worth every penny.”

Kristi Campbell, Vanwaw Corporate Rentals


Managing cleaning, turnover, and maintenance manually

Vanwaw Corporate Rentals started using an entry-level PMS when manual management became too challenging. They switched to Hostfully as their portfolio expanded, using its channel management and triggers-templates features. However, manual coordination of cleaning, quality control, and maintenance caused problems, leading to scheduling conflicts and lost opportunities. Kristi mentions that their market’s booking window is often short, resulting in at least one scheduling conflict per month. Occasionally, guests had to be moved to a hotel, resulting in lost revenue and added expense of paying for accommodations. Kristi sought an IT system to automate these tasks.

“After cleaning an 8-bedroom house on my own in a time crunch, I promised myself it would never happen again”

Kristi Campbell

On top of this loss of revenue, figuring out who to pay at week’s end as well as balancing the books each month was a major challenge for Kristi. With her background in IT systems, Kristi knew there had to be software which could solve this.


Hostfully and Breezeway make quick work of cleaning task automation

Kristi researched various cleaning automation tools and ultimately chose Breezeway. After creating her properties, inputting cleaners, setting up rules and parameters in Breezeway, and syncing it with Hostfully, things became much easier for Kristi and her team.

With guest information and reservation data flowing from Hostfully, Breezeway automatically assigns the right cleaner for each property. Reminders are sent if booking dates are modified, or if a reservation is canceled. Kristi adds that “syncing was seamless, and Hostfully updates Breezeway really fast so we never miss a reservation.”

Since integrating Breezeway with Hostfully, Vanwaw Corporate Rentals went from at least once last-minute cancellation per month to none. With an average daily rate of $400, plus the added expense of paying for a night at another accommodation, this represents savings ranging from $800 to $1,000 per month for Vanwaw Corporate Rentals. This isn’t counting Kristi’s staff coordinating cleaners by hand, or dealing with the stress of last-minute reservations.

hostfully property management platform success stories case studies clients recommendation


More time-savings, and better guest reviews

Billing, cleaner expense management, and issuing payments became much easier after turning on the Hostfully-Breezeway integration. Kristi says that “with all the information of the work performed available one click away, it’s so much easier to balance our books and pay cleaners. No more looking in different places for the data we need.”

The integration also led to higher guest ratings, with consistent 5-star months. With Hostfully and Breezeway working together, guests receive an SMS the minute a property is ready for check-in. Coupled with the other guest experience boosts Vanwaw Corporate Rentals offers, the  real-time update of when the property is ready increases the likelihood guests will provide a 5-star review.

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