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Future Bookings

Need local short-term and vacation rental data? In collaboration with AllTheRooms, our forecast shows the status of future bookings and reservation data for the major markets in US and Canada. We also go over some of the major new stories you may have missed, and new trends other hosts and property managers in the industry are using to grow revenue.
A look at the next quarter in the short-term rental market

Looking at future bookings data in your local market is a great way to compare your calendar to industry trends. If you’re above the trendline, it means you’re doing everything right. But if your peers are outpacing you, it may be a sign to rethink your marketing strategy. Get more insights with future bookings data! 

Industry Trends

As a leading technology provider for short-term and vacation rental businesses, we get the opportunity to work with hosts and managers of all sizes and types. This gives us a great overview of the industry and the trends that are shaping it, which we share back through the following reports.

Become independent of listing sites and pay fewer commissions

A growing number of hosts and managers have been attracting guests and bookings without the help of listing sites or online travel agencies (OTAs). They do this with Direct Booking Sites. But are Direct Booking Sites worth it for every host and manager?  In this paper, we take an honest look at this growing trend  give you unique insights into what your peers are doing, and review options for implementation.

Applying the maturity model to vacation rental companies
The maturity model is a simple, yet powerful business tool that can unlock growth. However, hosts and managers are already busy with their day-to-day operations, which is why we mapped out the maturity model for them. With the maturity model in hand, hosts and managers can see which processes are slowing them down, and what they need to do to eliminate barriers to expansion.
The art of advertising your properties at scale
Every short-term rental host or manager wants more bookings. To do this, they have to reach more potential guests which means advertising their properties on multiple listing sites. It’s a term called multi-channel distribution. In this paper, we look at what hosts and managers have to do to implement this marketing technique, and which tech tools are required.
A guide to seasonality for vacation rental owners
Spring Break is like the Black Friday of vacation rentals with some areas of the United States getting overrun with troves of tourists. Some escape the cold, while others try to reconnect with nature. Learn about this US trend, including top destinations, non-obvious spring break locations, strategies to attract Spring Break travelers, and when to start preparing.

Hospitality Trends

You may have heard that short-term and vacation rentals has disrupted the hospitality industry. However, disruption doesn’t just mean carving out a multi-billion dollar piece of the pie. It’s also about changing how travelers and guests perceive and interact with hospitality in general. The following reports track trends in hospitality as they relate to vacation and short-term rentals.
Hospitality trends and software in vacation rental management
After the crash of 2020, the vacation rental industry bounced back in 2021. However, rising guest expectations, increasingly stringent public health regulations, and a more competitive market have placed new pressures on vacation rental managers. Despite these challenges, the industry remains optimistic for the future with most companies enabling growth strategies for the upcoming year.
Hospitality trends in the short-term and vacation rental industry
2020 was a year of change for hosts and managers across the globe. The pandemic forced many to rethink how they operate, the tech tools they use, their marketing strategies, and how they manage guest expectations. From direct booking sites, to powerful guest communication tools, our unique insights show how quickly the industry adjusted and what you can do match or outpace your competitors.
Hospitality trends and software in vacation rental management
Curious to see how your peers operate their businesses and processes? In our 2019 Industry Report, we surveyed hosts and managers with portfolios of all types to understand which trends are taking shape, what softwares are most popular, and where the industry is headed towards.
The global vacation rental management industry, and software preferences
Using authoritative data sources, we estimate the global number of vacation rental management companies. We also look at managers’ software preferences, the challenges in choosing the right Property Management Platform (PMP), and how much managers spend on technology.
Find out what guests are willing to pay more for
See which services vacation rental guests are willing to pay extra for during their stay. In collaboration with AllTheRooms, we created a report based on our own data to learn more about the spending behavior of guests and how you can capitalize on it.