Automated Messaging

Automatically send guests emails and SMS based on events and other triggers.

Patchwork communication leads to sloppy errors

When guest messaging is a manual process, you’ll inevitably miss sending an important piece of information. And when the timing is off, it erodes trust with your customers. It’s time to clean up guest communication and create the right impression for your business. If you don’t, you’ll risk bad reviews and frustrated staff.

Email and text guests and owners with configurable rules-based messaging

Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by reaching out with the right details at the right time. Use smart messaging templates and event-based triggers to send email and SMS messages without lifting a finger.

Best practice messages to send:

  • Respond to direct inquiries
  • Send booking reminders
  • Send directions and check-in instructions
  • Send check-out instructions
  • Request payments

Powerful messaging tools built for property managers

The Hostfully property management platform gives you the flexibility to create messages that feel personalized.

Add a guests’ name, include details about their reservation, share the lockbox code, or send their property-specific guidebook. We even arm you with custom fields so you can trick messages out however you wish.

Don’t forget about editing tools that help you view messages in the queue, and delete them if they’re no longer relevant.

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