The Most Recommended Restaurants by Vacation Rental Managers

Feb 18 2020
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What’s in this article?

We work with vacation rental managers all around the world, from Honolulu, Hawaii, to Hamburg, Germany. But what do you have in common with a manager in another continent? Could it be that you’re both raving about your local Mexican restaurant?

Our vacation rental management company (VRMC) clients have plenty of unique recommendations up their sleeves — but certain types of cuisine consistently come first place.  

What do we all love eating? 

We wanted to find out, which is why we developed this guidebook, featuring the most recommended restaurants from VRMCs around the world. The methodology was simple. Whenever we show how intuitive it is to create and populate a digital guidebook, we ask a potential vacation rental manager client where their favorite restaurant is.  Here’s what we ended up with: 

Most recommended restaurants world view

As foodies ourselves, we realized that this ‘demo’ guidebook was a gift from the heavens. With it, we can travel the world going to all the best restaurants — as recommended by those whose job it is to create exceptional travel experiences. And now we’re sharing our secret guidebook with you!

Sidenote on digital guidebooks

Our secret ‘best restaurant guidebook’ also shows how the digital guidebook game has evolved over the years. It all began with Duncan Hines’ original blue pamphlet, a list of his top American restaurants. Now we have access to digital versions of these handy guides, with a host’s recommendations all tidily compiled online. Not to mention that voice-assistants can now handily dispense this advice.

Our digital guidebook is like Duncan Hines — with a modern-day update. The ethos is the same: personalized recommendations about where to eat from someone who knows the area best. 

So, what are the most recommended restaurants around the world, according to VRMCs? 

Nothing comes between us and our steaks

No matter where we live, we love a good steak. We have hosts recommending steakhouses everywhere from the French Alps to Florence, Italy. And it’s not just Europe. We’ve also got steakhouse recommendations in Cape Town, South Africa. 

guidebook winning feature

Seafood is always a success

Seafood is another popular recommendation by VRMCs. And not just in places by the sea. We received suggestions for seafood in Melbourne, Australia, and Murcia, Spain. But apparently, there’s also great seafood served at renowned chef Yotam Ottolenghi’s restaurant in London. 

Happy and healthy

vegan avocado

Keeping an eye on your waistline? Our VRMCs have plenty of healthy recommendations too — from smoothies in British Columbia, Canada to great salads in Tbilisi, Georgia. The Economist called 2019 the year of the vegan, and our VRMCs are bang on that trend with great vegan recommendations

A slice of Italy 

One in eight people in the US eats pizza each day. This might explain why the classic ‘pizza joints’ were such a popular choice among our VRMCs. Pizza restaurants received recommendations all over the place, from Nashville to New York. But, of course, no one does Italian food better than the Italians — as demonstrated by this boutique hotel-restaurant on the Amalfi coast.

We’re obsessed with brunch

71% of Americans wished restaurants served breakfast all day long. And VRMCs are well aware of our infatuation with this popular hybrid meal, much beloved by millennials. From Charleston to Bondi Beach to Montreal, brunch was another definite winner.  

Can’t beat a classic

Simple, quick, and reliable, burgers are a firm global favorite. So it comes as no surprise that many of our VRMCs recommended burger joints. Recommendations ranged from gastropub Culinary Dropout in Phoenix Arizona to Red Door Corner Store in Victoria, Australia. We also had burger suggestions in Kapolei, Hawaii, and Tokyo, Japan

Did someone say sushi?

Where can you eat great sushi? The answer isn’t just in Japan, it seems. There are highly-rated sushi restaurants in West Hollywood, London, and San Francisco. Incidentally, did you know you can combine your love for sushi with your love for burgers? Check out the sushi burger. Or what about sushi tacos?  

The timeless appeal of tacos and burritos

A poorly-kept secret: the best Mexican food is not only found in Mexico. Although one VRMC did recommend a restaurant in Jalisco — reportedly the birthplace of mariachi and tequila. But great Mexican food can also be located in Redwood City, California, and Winter Park, Colorado — at the aptly named Casa Mexico. 

What about Vietnamese? 

It stands to reason that one recommendation for traditional Vietnamese food is in Hội An, Vietnam. But apparently The Pig and The Lady in Honolulu, Hawaii, also does an excellent Bánh mì sandwich. 

It’s all about the views

Sometimes it doesn’t even matter what they’re serving. We’re here for the panoramas. VRMCs recommended restaurants atop a skyscraper in Montreal.  Other great restaurant suggestions with a view were in Alpine Meadows, California, and Potts Point in New South Wales, Australia. Maybe stretching the eyes is the best way to work up an appetite?

Wrapping things up

If aliens landed on Earth, this guidebook could offer a great insight into human eating habits. But it also demonstrates the power of Hostfully’s digital guidebooks to make the faraway feel familiar.  So how can you make a guest’s experience something exceptional? With personalized travel tips straight from you, a local expert!  

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