Step-by-Step Guide to Making your Airbnb Business Cards

May 17 2022
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What’s in this article?

Across every industry, an entrepreneur’s first impression often begins with a business card. This is even true for Airbnb hosts hoping to solidify their brand while growing their online revenue. For maximum effectiveness, the following guide explains the benefits of mastering Airbnb business cards in today’s hybrid world.

Are Airbnb business cards relevant marketing materials?

Sure, nowadays the vacation rental market is almost entirely online. It only takes a few clicks for users to book a house, apartment, studio, or other property types on platforms like Airbnb, Vrbo,, etc. With social media influencers redefining marketing, some would even argue that business cards are no longer necessary to promote your brand.

Far from true, printed pocket-sized business cards are a necessary marketing tool for any entrepreneur, especially Airbnb property owners and new businesses. On one hand, deploying Airbnb business cards can be an effective marketing tool for networking or spontaneous meetings in your everyday life. At the same time, they add a layer of professionalism to your Airbnb business that impacts upon past, present, and future visitors.

Why is this the case? Well, despite so much happening behind a screen these days, people still value feeling and holding something in their hands. Unlike today’s social media influencers, there’s nothing elusive or mysterious about business cards. Not only do they provide credibility and brand recognition, but they’re also an easy addition to your vacation rental welcome letter for incoming guests.

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The timeless value of business cards

The purpose of a business card should always be straightforward: to create a long-lasting impression about who you are and what you do. There’s a lot more to them than just providing accurate contact information. The style of your business card could impact the view that a guest has of your interior design abilities. Similar to how your Airbnb listing could influence a person to book or not. Business cards are an integral part of any vacation rental marketing strategy, with both short-term and long-term benefits:

  • Repeat guests. In many ways, crafted business cards can become coveted souvenirs for visitors at your property. Particularly if you’re using a digital guidebook to enhance the guest experience, in lieu of a physical publication a neat Airbnb business card gives guests a small memento of your business and their stay. With that in their wallets or bags, they’re more likely to return or refer your rental property to others.
  • Direct bookings. If you’re operating in a market where you can attract driving distance guests, you can also leave business cards in visitor centers or local establishments. In an industry where many property owners and managers depend on multi-channel distribution, this kind of advertising can be a valuable advantage. The simplicity of having a potential guest pick up your business card is a great way to encourage them to book directly with you.
  • Expanding your portfolio. A strong Airbnb business card can imprint your short-term rental business in the minds of property owners—who are also your potential clients. With a business card in hand, you can more easily canvas an area you know is popular among secondary homeowners. So, if you’re thinking about expanding your property rentals portfolio, a business card will certainly help.

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Top six business card essentials

Developing top-notch business card designs for your rental business cards doesn’t have to be rocket science. Keeping Airbnb business cards simple and effective with a few core components will help leave memorable impressions.

This recipe for success gives guests a sense of what to expect at your property, which is the first step to building a great experience. Follow these steps, and your business cards will stay well clear of the trash can.

  1. Logo design and tagline: For all types of business cards, you’re going to want to create an attractive logo design and tagline to capture people’s attention. This means delivering clear visual and written messages about your Airbnb rental business with the most readable lettering and visual cues. For example, if you’re trying to attract visitors to your pet-friendly vacation rental, let the logo and tagline reflect it. Similarly, you should ensure brand consistency by making sure that your business card’s logo, font and color palette match your website.
  1. Name and job info: Even though you’re probably only a Google search away, guests will still want to know who you are and what you do professionally. Listing your job title will highlight your expertise and suggest how you can help potential guests. When it’s easy to identify you on a business card, past and future guests are more likely to contact you when your services are needed.
  2. Contact info: Of course, accurate contact details are another essential for your Airbnb business cards. This includes your contact number, email address, business address if you have one, and social media handles. You should also provide a link to your direct bookings site if applicable, where viewers can see prices, availability, reviews, and other details about your rental.
  3. Social media: Some of today’s most reliable marketing tools for vacation rentals are available on Facebook and Instagram. It’s even common for Airbnb hosts to make separate accounts or unique hashtags to promote their property rental online. On top of that, social media is ideal for creating strong visual associations with your Airbnb rentals, which can help convert potential travelers swooning over a beautiful interior into easy bookings.
  4. Leave white space: Sometimes less is more for optimal business card designs. This is why leaving some white space encourages viewers to focus on what you deem most important. Although it may be tempting to fill it out, leaving some room will prevent the card from looking cluttered or overwhelming to the eye. Plus, you may find that you need a bit of blank space to scribble down a personalized note or useful information if you’re handing your business card to someone in-person.
  5. Printing: When printing your professional business cards you want to make sure that you are doing it right. Using cheap paper could communicate to guests that you don’t really care about the perception of the business. Using a premium paper will help to shape the view of the customer to see you as a professional Airbnb host.

Your choices with all of the elements on your business card will reflect you and your business! Make sure you have a professional business card that also reflects the nature of your business.

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Ideas for alternative Airbnb business cards

Of course, there are innovative alternatives to Airbnb business cards. Think outside of the box by considering one of these options:

  • QR code: A modern technique for alternative Airbnb business cards is turning it into a QR code, complete with a logo and branding. By linking the printed card to a landing page within the digital space you operate in, the customer can just scan the card with their smartphone to get all the information they need. By asking potential guests to actually interact with your card, they’re fast-tracked onto your direct bookings page—which is great news for you as the owner or manager.
  • Coupon or discount code. You could also turn your Airbnb business card into a coupon, using either a QR or discount code to offer potential guests a rate they can’t turn down for their next trip. As well as straightforward marketing material, this way of using a business card has another hidden benefit. Offering a discount that is only redeemable on your website is a clever tactic for incentivizing direct bookings —and reaping the business benefits that this entails.

Typical business card templates

All of these business card templates were made on canva! Anybody can use them.

example business card made on canvaexample of business card made on canva

Find your digital studio for Airbnb business card designs

Contrary to popular belief, Airbnb business cards don’t need to be an extra burden on your budget. There are plenty of free or affordable resources for DIY business card creation. Or if you’d rather leave it to the pros, there are cost-effective websites where you can hire a freelance graphic designer to work their magic.

Check out some business card design options below:

Canva: Browse through over 50,000 business card designs on Canva. This free graphic design tool (no credit card needed!) allows you to find the best template with easy tweaks and customizations.

Moo: Moo also provides high-quality templates for Airbnb users, in addition to letting you upload customizations. There are even options to print business cards on recycled paper.

Fiverr: Fiverr can work with Airbnb businesses through its freelance network of graphic designers. Review hundreds of freelance profiles with relevant work samples and testimonials.

99Designs: Users have access to a global community of professional designers for crafty business card designs. You can even launch your own callout where designers will submit their ideas. In the end, you can choose from several unique designs.

Print is not dead

Whether you’re active on Airbnb, Vrbo, or others, printed business cards will complement any vacation rental marketing strategy. All it takes is a great design or crowdsourced talent to evolve your brand and create opportunities for bookings. By getting your name out there, you’ll attract new guests—and be remembered.

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