Top 5 Avantio Alternatives for Vacation Rental Managers in 2024

Nov 07 2022
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Get tips on how to use Hostfully to optimize your vacation rental business and make more profit.


What’s in this article?

Avantio is an award-winning property management system (PMS) that’s hard to beat. This Spanish company specializes in serving small-to-medium vacation rental businesses in the EU. 

Even though it’s a great tool, though, you might still be looking for an Avantio alternative.

But with so many to choose from, how can you know which Avantio competitor is right for your vacation rental business? Lots of tools offer similar features but have crucial differences that affect how good a fit they are. So it’s important to choose a PMS that matches your business’ needs, model, size, and stage of growth.

With years of experience in the vacation rental industry, we know what property managers need to streamline and run their short-term rental businesses. We’ve investigated features, pricing, and how they stack up against each other to find the top five Avantio alternatives.

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Who is Avantio for?

Avantio is a good fit for European vacation rental management companies (VRMCs).  It also caters to the global market by offering multilingual customer support, 7 system languages, and guest ID and document management for 17 regional regulations. 

And with over 20 years of experience, it’s well placed to offer customers plenty of vacation rental industry expertise.

All that sounds great. So, why might Avantio not be the right fit for your business?

What should you look for in an Avantio alternative?

Before we look at Avantio alternatives, here’s our checklist of essential features for VRMCs.

All-in-one channel manager and PMS solution

Avantio offers a combined PMS and channel manager for one fee. This feature allows you to track and update your listings in real time from a single platform. 

Avantio also integrates with a wide range of channels, including Google Vacation Rentals and several niche European sites. So if widespread or niche distribution is important to you, check that any Avantio alternative either connects to the channels you need or integrates with a dedicated channel manager. 

Multilingual customer service 

Avantio is a Spanish company that offers 7 system languages and at least 9 customer support languages. This is a great asset for multinational VRMCs that hire staff from different countries or have a high volume of international guests.

If this sounds like you, look for Avantio alternatives that offer systems and support in languages other than English.

Industry knowledge 

With over 20 years of experience in Western Europe, Avantio has a lot of EU-specific knowledge. If you have a lot of properties that are subject to EU laws, or guests coming from European countries, this is a huge asset. 

When looking for an alternative to Avantio, check whether the PMS you’re considering has experience in your specific market. If so, it should offer specific niche features and channel integrations to make it easier to operate in your market. 

Guest document regulation

Many countries outside the US require hotels to record their guests’ passport details at check-in. To streamline the process, Avantio has ID scanner software that stores the ID as an image and allows users to download custom financial reports. This means you can submit the necessary documents to the official authorities more easily.

If this is the case in your market, look for a PMS with integrations or built-in features that offer similar services.


As your business grows, your needs change. Your PMS needs to have a full range of integrations like dynamic pricing, Airbnb accounting software, and automation tools to let you adapt. 

This way, you can commit to one PMS tool and know it has the flexibility to let you grow. Not to mention avoid the stress and expense of switching further down the line.

Robust direct bookings engine 

Direct bookings let you sidestep online travel agency (OTA) fees and access all your guest data. To get these benefits, you need a tool with a website builder or a  booking widget you can embed in your existing website. Make sure you have integrations with common payment platforms like Stripe and PayPal too.

Automation and task management features 

Managing a vacation rental business involves multiple repetitive, manual tasks like answering guest questions and organizing cleaning teams. Automation features streamline tasks like these so you can focus on running your business. Look for integrations that allow you to auto-reply to guests, schedule messages, and operate smart door locks and share access codes.

The 5 best Avantio competitors for vacation rental management

Choosing the best vacation rental PMS for your business isn’t easy. 

If you’re currently considering Avantio or looking to switch from it, we think these PMS solutions might be what you’re looking for.

1. Hostfully

Hostfully is a feature-rich software solution with a range of tools to suit businesses of all kinds and sizes. It’s also a Preferred Partner of Airbnb, VRBO, and as well as a Shortyz and two VRMB Keystone Awards winner. 

  • Channel manager. You can publish your listings across all the popular international channel managers and get exposure for your business on all the 14 vacation rental websites Hostfully integrates with. This tool also integrates with third-party channel managers like NextPax and RentalsUnited to help broaden your reach.
  • Booking pipeline. Hostfully’s stand-out feature gives you full visibility and control over your bookings. Review all your bookings from start to end and easily check the progress of each stage. And while most tools only have a calendar view, Hostfully lets you see lead status. So, it’s not just about confirmed bookings, but what’s coming up as well!
  • Digital guidebooks. This separate product lets you streamline the check-in process, share important information to cut down on guest communication, and upsell amenities for additional revenue. Guests will appreciate features like the digital concierge and personalized local guide. Also, it’s browser-based, so no need to download yet another app.
  • Unified inbox. This feature keeps all your messages between staff, owners, and guests in one place so nothing gets lost. It also saves time logging in and out of other platforms. Best of all, native SMS text messaging means you can be sure that traveling guests with patchy data still get your messages.
  • Automated messaging. Features like auto-replies, triggers, and templates give your guests all the information they need instantly. That means guests spend less time waiting for a reply and you spend more time running your business. Being more responsive also helps your ratings and increases your chance of becoming an Airbnb Superhost.
  • Robust API and wide choice of integrations. Hostfully has tons of integrations in categories as diverse as insurance and marketing and is adding to them all the time.
  • Central calendar. Keep your properties in sync across all your listing sites.
  • Direct bookings and inventory widget. Don’t worry about managing a separate site for direct bookings with Hostfully’s out-of-the-box widgets.
  • Data management, analytics, and reporting. Easily access and manage all your data from listing sites and OTAs. You can also create advanced reports to keep property owners informed and happy.
Hostfully booking pipeline showing the status of vacation rental prospects
Hostfully’s pipeline allows you to view and manage all your leads as they progress through the pipeline.


Subscribe to Hostfully for $99 per month for up to four properties and $239 for up to 19 properties. If you have over 20 properties, use Hostfully’s sliding scale to find the quote for your business size. 

Hostfully applies a 10% discount and waives the $400 set-up fee for annual subscriptions.

Hostfully’s sliding scale of prices showing the sum of $250 for 20 properties
Hostfully offers flexible pricing for vacation rental management businesses of all portfolio sizes.
Three Hostfully pricing plans
Hostfully flexible pricing plans make sure you don’t pay for features you don’t need.

2. Hostaway 

Founded in 2005, Hostaway is a premium PMS for professional VRMCs looking to scale their business.  It boasts a wide range of features, giving users flexibility while still being easy to use, unlike some alternatives to Hostaway.

Key features

  • Channel manager. Multiple channel integrations across listing sites like Vrbo, Airbnb,, and many more.
  • CRM. Hostaway allows you to reconnect with previous guests with stored preferences and customized coupons to make sure your guests stay loyal.
  • Data management, analytics, and reporting. These features let you visualize and interpret your data to create customized reports.
  • Mobile app.  Manage your multi-calendar and guest communication while on the go.
  • Multicalendar. An overview of all your listings and bookings in one place.
Hostaway reports layered on top of a man using a cell phone and looking at a computer screen
Hostaway’s range of features lets you streamline your business at scale but it’s not the most affordable option on our list. Source:


Hostaway customizes their pricing to each customer’s individual needs and portfolio size. Their prices are not readily available on their website but a frequently quoted figure is around $50 per property/month.  

3. Guesty 

Guesty is an advanced all-in-one vacation rental software with a large customer base in the US, the UK, Australia, and certain European countries. It promises to grow your business with its wide range of tools and easy-to-use software. 

As well as its main PMS, Guesty also offers Guesty for Hosts. This separate product offers a limited set of features to VRMCs with fewer than four properties. 

Key features

  • Channel manager. Guesty’s API connects to numerous listing sites like Vrbo, Airbnb, Misterb&b, and your direct booking website.
  • 24/7 guest communication services. This is Guesty’s key differentiator. For an extra cost, you can have a team of experts to handle guest communication.
  • Multi-unit grouping. Guesty lets you group together similar listings to manage them more efficiently.
  • Automation and triggers. You can program automated messaging and replies through SMS, email, or the booking platform.
  • Mobile app. The mobile management app lets you manage bookings and talk to guests from anywhere.
  • Open API and range of integrations. Guesty offers over 100 integrations.
  • Revenue management. This tool lets you easily adjust rates across listings.
  • Individual owner portals. You can offer each property owner a portal and choose the information you share with them.
Guesty calendar view
Guesty’s revenue management feature gives you control over your rates across all listings via the platform. Source:


For VRMCs with fewer than four properties, Guesty prices start at $49 per month with a discount for annual subscriptions. Guesty offers a customized quote for VRMCs with more than three properties.

Guesty reportedly also charges between 2% and 5% on every booking.

Three Guesty prices for a property manager with three or fewer listings
Guesty offers custom quotes for VRMCs with over three properties in their portfolio. Source:

4. OwnerRez 

OwnerRez is an award-winning PMS and preferred partner of Vrbo, TripAdvisor, and OwnerRez offers all the essential features and lists over 50 integrations. As one of the more affordable options on our list, it’s a good choice if you’re on a budget.

Key features

  • Channel manager. OwnerRez connects via the API with popular channels like Airbnb, Vrbo, and HomeToGo.
  • CRM. Collect, store and redistribute your guests’ reviews.
  • Rental agreements. One of OwnerRez’s key differentiators is rental agreements that let you organize and finalize all kinds of agreements with guests before their stay.
  • Automation and triggers. Automation tools let you create custom templates and decide what will trigger automatic messages being sent to a guest.
OwnerRez’s booking pipeline showing a reservation through Airbnb.
OwnerRez connects you to popular vacation rental websites like Airbnb. Source:


Prices are on a sliding scale starting from $44 for one property and ending at $1472 for 500 properties. You can add other features for an additional cost, but the channel manager and digital signatures are always included free of charge. The sliding scale with add-on features gives you a clear idea of price and lets you tailor your plan perfectly to your budget.

OwnerRez’s sliding scale showing an amount of $49 for four properties
OwnerRez offers a sliding scale to custom prices to your budget.

5. Track 

Track is a product from TravelNet Solutions. The cloud-based solution lets you streamline your business with its range of tools. Built around TravelNet’s powerful CRM tool, Track can help you establish and track leads for your business.

Key features

  • CRM. Track’s stand-out feature is its feature-rich CRM with the ability to follow leads and guests in one place.
  • Customizable guest surveys. Easily collect feedback from your guests with personalized surveys.
  • Granular settings. Track has a vast array of settings so you can custom your portal to your business’ exact needs. For example, auto-reply triggers, etc.
  • Task widget. A task bar sits in the top corner of the platform so you can assign tasks to your team from anywhere within the platform.
  • Automations and triggers. Automate everything from guest communication to deliveries of household items like towels, soaps, and bedsheets.
  • Integrations. Track lets you connect with over 70 different tools.
Track’s CRM with an overview of calls and leads
Track allows you to track and follow up on leads to grow your vacation rental management business. Source:


Track offers each customer a custom quote based on their needs and portfolio size.

Avantio alternatives: choose the right PMS for your business

Avantio is an award-winning PMS that offers features like a robust direct booking engine, an all-in-one channel manager and PMS solution, multilingual customer service, and guest document regulation. It’s well-established in Europe, but a relative newcomer to the North American market.

When looking at Avantio alternatives, consider which features and integrations you need in property management software. But don’t just plan for today; remember to think about tomorrow, too—consider what your business needs as it grows.

All vacation management businesses are different and have unique needs. But every business should have a booking engine, channel manager, and reporting and automation features in their toolkit. A robust API and effective pipeline management are important for success too.

[If you’re a large VRCM that needs a high degree of flexibility to manage the range of different properties, owners, and teams in your portfolio, we recommend trying Guesty or Track.]

If, however, you’re looking for a PMS solution that works for all stages of growth, we think you’ll find Hostfully among the best Avantio competitors. It has all the key features you need—and more—to streamline your business and grow.

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Frequently asked questions about Avantio alternatives

What is Avantio generally used for?

Avantio is mostly used by small vacation rental businesses with less than 10 employees. It is popular in Europe, especially in Spain.

Is there an equivalent to Avantio for enterprise?

Guesty, Hostaway, and Track are the best Avantio equivalents for enterprise-level VRCMs. They all cater to large client bases and focus on streamlining manual tasks in the hospitality industry at scale.

Which is the best alternative to Avantio for vacation rental management companies? 

Hostfully is the best alternative to Avantio for vacation rental management companies. It offers more integrations with essential tools and flexible pricing so you can adjust the price to your needs.

Is Hostfully similar to Avantio?

Hostfully is similar to Avantio in terms of its target market and pricing. Both serve a range of VRM businesses across the US and Europe. Hostfully is an affordable, feature-rich option that performs all the functions you need.