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How To Get Your Property Ready for Airbnb

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Guest article by MadeComfy

Airbnb has gone from a startup to a household name in only a few short years. The platform has 150 million users worldwide and more than 4 million listings in 190 different countries. For guests, the advantages of a short-term property are many: the variety of listings to choose from, the price and also the feeling of being “at home away from home” are among them.

But the short-term rental market is not appealing only to guests. Property owners can also benefit from the boom in the demand for short-term rental properties and maximise their rental income. But for that, they need to be ‘guest ready’.

What means to be guest ready?

There are a lot of things to take into account before renting a property on Airbnb. These days guests expect a stay to be perfect, going from easy check-in to comfortable furniture and appliances that are practical to use. Besides having a great property situated in an ideal location, you also need to make sure you have short-term rental insurance and that you communicate effectively with the guests.

What if you are new to the topic and still don’t know how to start renting out your property on short-term? No worries, we got you covered: MadeComfy created a guide packed with useful tips to get you (and your property) all set up.

With the experience of managing more than 600 short-term rental properties across Australia, our team created Everything you need to know about preparing your property for short-term rentals – a comprehensive ebook covering the essentials to get started right.

Overview of the tips you can find in the guide:

  1. The impact of furnishing and styling on maximising your returns – High-quality furniture added to a good sense of styling is what will make your guests feel at home. In this section, we give you tips on choosing the right furniture and explain why allocating a budget to do furnishing and styling properly is a worthy investment.
  2. How can you make your listing stand out? You want to be the host everyone’s talking about. Making your property stand out goes further than choosing photos that strike your potential guests. Having a great title and a compelling description is the right way to start. In this chapter, we give you tips on structuring the copy and creating a great Airbnb listing.
  3. How to avoid bad reviews about cleanliness? It doesn’t really matter whether you’re doing it yourself or outsourcing to a cleaning company: Great housekeeping is a must-have and your property needs to be cleaned properly between stays. In this chapter, we give you a checklist to follow and a structure to organise your maintenance inspections.
  4. The extras that people love. Most of the time, it’s all about the small details. As a host, leaving some complimentary tea or coffee with biscuits will get you one step closer to earning those 5-star reviews. Discover our best tips for making your guests comfy.
  5. Guest management when properly done is an all-around job. Be as transparent and communicative as with the guests. It’s important to be prepared for any questions that might arise before or during a guests’ stay. At MadeComfy, we use Hostfully guides for all the properties we manage. In the guides, we include information about the check in/out, house rules and, of course, some insider tips on the best restaurants and attractions in town. Our Guest Management chapter covers that and other relevant tips for communicating with your audience.
  6. How to maximise your rental income? Setting up the nightly rate can be a struggle for someone who is just getting started. We cover how to apply dynamic pricing that takes into consideration factors such as seasonality, the day of the week and the market price to calculate the right price for your property.
  7. Giving and receiving reviews are more important than you think. What is the impact that reviews have on your business? In this chapter, we talk about how to get those 5-star reviews that will help you secure even more bookings.

Sounds interesting? Click here to download the guide.