5 Best Lodgify Alternatives for Vacation Rentals

Nov 04 2022
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Get tips on how to use Hostfully to optimize your vacation rental business and make more profit.


What’s in this article?

From automating guest communication to handling payments and reporting, a property management system (PMS) is a valuable asset for any vacation rental business. Lodgify is a popular PMS with a lot to offer, but it’s not the only tool on the market. Or the right fit for everyone. 

At Hostfully, we understand the importance of having a PMS that gives you the features and flexibility you need to grow and run your business—whether you’re a small, mid-level, or large business. 

To help you find the best fit, we’ve compiled a list of Lodgify alternatives. We’ve ranked the top five Lodgify alternatives based on customers’ reviews around parameters like ease of use, features and functionality, integrations, and pricing.

Who is Lodgify for? 

Lodgify offers features like direct booking, payment management, an integrated booking system, and credit card payment processing. It’s priced by the number of rentals you manage or own. So if you’re just starting out, you can pay for what you need and scale up as your business grows.

Lodgify’s pricing module depends on the number of rentals you manage or own
Lodgify’s pricing module depends on the number of rentals you manage or own.
Source: Lodgify

What should you look for in a Lodgify alternative?

Lodgify alternatives should offer advanced Airbnb automation software. Also, a built-in customer relationship manager (CRM) system and integrations to streamline workflow and connect you with online travel agents (OTAs). 

Here’s what to look for in a Lodgify alternative: 

  1. Automation tools with advanced features
  2. A built-in CRM to nurture leads
  3. Channel manager integrations with top OTAs for better visibility
  4. The right third-party integrations to streamline your workflow 

1. Automation tools with advanced features 

The best PMS is the one that lets you automate daily tasks and guest communication. The software you choose should make handling a high volume of bookings easy. 

Make sure any Lodgify alternative includes the following features:

  • A channel manager that lists your properties across major booking platforms and instantly syncs your listings with availability, pricing, and other details.
  • Cleaning and maintenance scheduling to keep all your teams on track and everyone in the loop.  
  • Flexible guest communication that lets you send customized messages to your guests and reduces the time spent providing them with important pre and in-stay information. 

2. Built-in CRM to help nurture leads

A built-in CRM in your Lodgify alternative can help you keep track of every single guest and their preferences and give you an overview of your future growth. Nurturing and converting leads is a breeze with the right tools.

With a CRM, you can:

  • Get real-time notifications whenever a new lead is generated
  • Segment your contacts based on their preferences and interests
  • Send automatic follow-ups and drip marketing campaigns
  • View all your leads in one place and get an overview of your future growth
  • More easily move deals down your sales pipeline
Hostfully’s built-in CRM lets you create tags and categorize customer information for easy accessibility Source: Hostfully
Hostfully’s built-in CRM lets you create tags and categorize customer information for easy accessibility.
Source: Hostfully

3. Channel manager integrations with top OTAs for better visibility

Your Lodgify alternative should have flexible integrations with all major booking channels, like Airbnb, Vrbo, and Booking.com. It should also offer integrations with platforms like TripAdvisor, HomeToGo, etc. This way, you can target a wider audience. 

The best Lodgify alternative should offer a channel manager that not only connects with all the top OTAs but also automatically syncs rates, availability, and listing descriptions.  across all your distribution channels in real time.  

Hostfully integrates with all major booking channels for better visibility of your listing Source: Hostfully
Hostfully integrates with all major booking channels for better visibility of your listing.
Source: Hostfully

4. The right integrations to streamline your workflow 

Integrations with best-in-class third-party tools are essential to streamline your workflow. The PMS you choose should integrate with the software you’re already using and the tools you’ll need as your business scales. This is important so you won’t have to switch PMS further down the line.

Here are some examples of integrations that can help you streamline your workflow:

  • Dynamic pricing tools to optimize your vacation rental pricing strategy, increase occupancy rates, and get more bookings
  • Payment processing tools for secure, efficient payment processing
  • Cleaning management and maintenance tools that enable you to assign tasks, manage cleaning schedules, and track progress
  • Airbnb accounting tools that give insights into the performance of your listings
  • Smart tool automations like keyless entry and noise monitoring to make it easier for you to manage your properties remotely 
  • Rental insurance and guest screening to protect your business

5 Best Lodgify alternatives for vacation rental management 

Choosing a PMS for your vacation rental business involves weighing up several factors, including the size of your operation, your budget, and the specific features you’re looking for.

Here are our top picks for Lodgify alternatives:

  1. Hostfully – Best for booking pipeline visibility and lead management
  2. Hostaway – Best for multiple integration options
  3. Guesty – Best multi-calendar views
  4. Streamline – Best for small businesses
  5. iGMS – Best for managing multiple listings

Let’s take a look at them in more detail. 

1. Hostfully–Best for booking pipeline visibility

Hostfully is an end-to-end vacation rental management platform that helps property managers of all sizes boost bookings and grow their business. Winner of both the 2019 and 2021 VRMB Keystone awards and the 2022 Shortyz awards, Hostfully simplifies daily operations through its robust set of features and integrations. It is also a preferred connectivity partner of Airbnb, Vrbo, and Booking.com.

Hostfully’s booking and pipeline management acts as a built-in CRM for your leads and bookings
Hostfully’s booking and pipeline management acts as a built-in CRM for your leads and bookings.
Source: Hostfully via G2

Key features

  • The Booking Pipeline is a built-in CRM that gives you unparalleled visibility of the booking stage your guests are in: quoted, held, booked, and in-stay.
  • The Hostfully Guidebook is a browser-based platform that helps create professional-looking digital guides for guests and also integrates with the Hostfully PMS.
  • The Channel Manager integrates with 14 OTAs directly, including TripAdvisor and HomeToGo. Plus, it enables Airbnb multi-property management through its Airbnb management software. 
  • Automated messaging tools let you personalize templates, set reminders, and request payments.
  • The fully customizable direct bookings site lets you build a custom website with flexible widgets that integrate with builders like WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace.
  • The payment gateway allows guests to pay online with their preferred payment method with third-party platforms like Stripe, PayPal, and VacationRentPayment.
  • The analytics dashboard provides real-time reports for bookings, payments, check-in, and check-outs to help keep owners happy. 


The price of Hostfully’s property management platform depends on the number of properties you manage, along with a one-time implementation fee of $400, which is waived if you sign up for one year. There’s also currently a 10% discount for annual plans. 

For 20 properties, you’ll pay $250, or you can use the slider to calculate the cost.

Hostfully pricing page
Hostfully offers flexible pricing based on the number of properties you own or manage
Source: Hostfully

2. Hostaway–Best for multiple integration options

Hostaway is a premium vacation rental management software that helps property managers with large portfolios automate workflows, and get more bookings. It offers a large integrated marketplace of 100+ tools and API integrations to choose from.

Hostaway cleaning and maintenance management screen shot
Hostaway offers cleaning and maintenance management to assign and track tasks
Source: Hostaway via G2

Key features

  • The CRM makes it easier to keep track of all your customer data. 
  • The analytics and data dashboard gives insights like KPIs, occupancy reports, and dynamic pricing.
  • The channel manager integrates with Airbnb, Vrobo, Booking.com, Expedia, TripAdvisor, and many other platforms. 
  • Marketing tools include coupon management, a WordPress plugin for website setup, and a fully-customizable website builder.
  • The Mobile app lets you access and manage bookings on the go. 


Hostaway pricing is available on request and depends on the number of units, type of business, and length of commitment. However, a frequently quoted estimate is around $50 per property per month. For 20 properties you would approximately pay $1000 per month.

How does it compare to Lodgify?

While Hostaway has a large suite of integration tools, it’s not the cheapest option for small-to-mid-sized VRMCs. Lodgify offers a more reasonable pricing structure and is better suited to get your business up and running quickly.

Hostaway’s users say that the customer support is responsive and they offer a personalized onboarding process as compared to Lodgify. However, while Lodgify offers a 7-day free trial, Hostaway does not offer any free trials and users need to request a demo to get an idea of which features might work well for them. 

3. Guesty–Best for multi-calendar views

Guesty is a premium tool that’s well-regarded in the industry. It has acquired two other short-term rental industry startups–Your Porter App and MyVR and offers two distinct yet connected sets of tools–Guesty for Pros and Guesty for Hosts. Guesty for Pros is specifically designed for professional property managers with a large portfolio.  

It is best known for its multi-calendar views which sync all your bookings in one place. Each reservation also offers insights into where the booking came from, guest contact information, check-in/out times, and total profits.

Guesty Calendar view screenshot
Guesty’s multi-calendar feature gives a complete overview of all your listings
Source: Guesty via G2

Key features

  • The centralized calendar lets you sync daily rates and availability across platforms where your properties are listed. 
  • The unified inbox enables easy guest communication across all platforms.
  • The dynamic pricing tool optimizes your nightly rates according to market conditions, seasonality, and real-time data.
  • The auto review function adds guest reviews to your Airbnb reservations automatically.
  • The accounting module offers in-depth insights into your listing’s performance, monthly expenses, payments, and invoices.
  • Damage protection insurance compensates for any damages caused by guests during their stay.
  • The cleaning management system enables easy scheduling, assigning, and automation of tasks.


Guesty is custom-priced on request and reportedly works on a commission basis, charging between 2-5% on all bookings. 

According to users, onboarding can also cost over $1000 or more. 

4. Streamline–Best for broad features stack 

Streamline is built by property managers and solves day-to-day operational challenges. It offers a Guest App for self-check-in/out, a Housekeeping App for managing cleanings, and an Owner App for accounting and owner communication. Automated e-signatures make the rental process seamless for both guests and property managers.

Streamline lets you manage the end-to-end processes of your business
Streamline lets you manage the end-to-end processes of your business

 Key features

  • The CRM tools include a unified inbox, guest segmentation, trigger-based automation, and campaign management. 
  • Revenue yield management lets you optimize your pricing based on seasonality, competitor rates, and occupancy. 
  • The integrations marketplace connects to platforms like Airbnb, Vrbo, HomeToGo, Ocean Beds, and Stay Sense.
  • PropertyCare maintenance and housekeeping mobile applications allow owners to assign tasks, track activities, and manage schedules. 
  • The Managed Documents suite enables automated e-signatures and sends contracts for signature post-reservation.


Streamline offers a modular pricing system that is customized based on your needs and available on request.  

5. iGMS–Best for multiple listing management

iGMS (formerly AirGMS) helps property managers with booking management, reviews management, automating operational tasks, team management, and calendar management.

The key feature is the ability to manage multiple listings on Airbnb, Vrbo, and Homeaway through a single dashboard.

iGMS dashboard screenshot
The iGMS dashboard lets you manage all your listings in one place
Source: iGMS via G2

Key features

  • Automations help streamline operations like guest communication, calendar sync, cleaning, and maintenance. 
  • The channel management feature lists and distributes your properties across multiple booking channels. 
  • The multi-calendar dashboard integrates with iCal and lists all your bookings in one place. 
  • The team management tool lets you add and manage team members, set permissions, and track activities. 
  • Financial solutions enable you to receive payments and generate invoices and reports.  


iGMS calculates pricing plans based on the number of properties you own or manage. You can enter the number of properties on their website to get a custom quote. That means, with four properties, you’ll pay $14 per property/month (Lite plan), $1 per booked night (Flex plan), and $20 per property/month (Pro plan). 

iGMS pricing page
iGMS lets you calculate the cost based on the number of properties you own or manage
Source: iGMS

Choose the right Lodgify alternative for your vacation rental 

Lodgify is a great tool if you need a user-friendly solution to manage your properties. However, it’s not right for everyone. 

Whether you’re just getting started, scaling, or running a multi-listing operation, Hostfully is the best Lodgify alternative. It offers a fully responsive API that makes connecting your existing software easy and scaling your business as you grow. All without compromising on features or support.

If you’re managing a small number of properties, Streamline or iGMS might also be a good fit. If you have multiple listings, Guesty might be the right fit. For large operations with multiple listings and the budget to invest in a premium tool, Guesty could be a good choice.

Frequently asked questions about Lodgify alternatives

What is Lodgify?

Lodgify is a vacation rental platform that helps property managers with website design, online bookings, and automated guest communication. 

Who uses Lodgify? 

Lodgify is suitable for new hosts and property managers who need an easy-to-use, automated solution. 

How much does Lodgify cost?

Lodgify offers three pricing plans based on the number of rentals you manage. These start at $12 per month (Starter) for one rental, $32 per month (Pro), and $56 per month (unlimited). 

Does Lodgify work with Airbnb? 

Yes, Lodgify’s channel manager works with Airbnb by integrating your Airbnb calendar. 

What is a guest app on Lodgify? 

The Guest app is a Lodgify product that allows guests to communicate, access instructions, and make bookings from their mobile devices. 

Does Lodgify have an app?

The Lodgify app enables reservation system and calendar management on the go. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices.